Forget Declawing Dogs - Use Claw Caps

Do you know that declawing is painful for your dog and it would find hard to walk. Dogs are meant to have claws since it defines its doggy personality.  Then the question arises, how to prevent your dog from damaging furniture or scratching. I like to suggest an alternative for it, Claw Caps.

Dog claw caps are a great alternative to declawing your dog. With claw caps your dog will not only have the benefit of keeping and using their claws, but will also prevent your dog from damaging furniture or scratching. Plus, they are adorable to look at and your dog will feel comfortable to wear these claw caps.

These dog claw caps are developed by a veterinarian, ranks high on the quality and comfort. It comes in a reclosable plastic container, which includes nail caps nearly enough for several applications, tubes of adhesive, and instructions for application.

How to use?

Trim your dogs nail tips.
1.    Fill the nail caps one-third full with adhesive
2.    Slide the nail caps onto the nails, one by one.
3.    Wait a minute or so to allow adhesive to set, and then let your dog go.

Until you feel completely proficient with the process, you might want to just do one nail at a time for steps 2 and 3. You can also take the help from veterinarians who will handle the application for you, for a small fee.

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