For When You Just Gotta Go

The Loo Potty comes in small, medium and large sizes.
Puppies and bad weather have something in common: dogs have no desire to go outside and do their “duties.”

The Posh Puppy Boutique can help. We sell training supplies and other products that can help during the wet, cold winter and with training a young dog.

One of our most popular items is the Loo Potty (sale price starting at $151), which comes in small, medium and large sizes. A “backyard in a box” it is designed for dogs and cats. A key feature is an upper layer of synthetic grass that allows urine to drain into the slightly angled base. A removable waste container allows you to dispose of the liquid quickly and easily.

Here’s a suggestion for male dogs that like lifting their legs: place a short vertical object—like a disposable paper cup—atop the Pet Loo. Your dog will pee on the object, not on everything else.

These fabric puppy pads are machine washable for easy care.
An economical alternative is the Reusable Puppy Pad (sale price starting at $36) which comes in small (2 per pack) and large (1 per pack) sizes. These pads feature a washable top sheet of 8/20 quilted poly/cotton, a middle soaking layer of poly/rayon and a PVC/nylon backing layer to keep messes off your floors. Best of all, these pads are machine washable for easy reuse.

Cats and smaller dogs who like their privacy can “take a break” in one of our designer litter boxes that are nearly indistinguishable from fine furniture.

Yes, this piece of fine furniture conceals a standard size litter box.
For example, our Litter Box Cabinet in Mahogany (sale price $302) looks like an end table. With antique brass colored pull knobs, two paneled doors with magnetic closures, a storage drawer and a discrete side opening, it holds a standard size litter box.

Another option for cat lovers is one of our colorful Litter Box Covers ($54 each). Designed to go over various sizes of hooded litter boxes, they come in Beach Bus and Surf Shack designs.

Two popular accessories are perfect for taking on walks: the Clean Go Pet Grip-N-Grab scoop ($20), which uses a double spring action for convenient one-handed solid waste pick-up, and a wide range color pet waste collection bags starting at $5. We even have Isaac Mizrahi waste bag holders that look like small designer purses to carry your bags.

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