Feed Fifi With a Fashionable Fork


Fashion meets feeding with My Best Friend's Fork.

Feeding your pet can be fun and fashionable, especially when you buy your utensils from the Posh Puppy Boutique.
Whether it’s scooping out wet food or giving your dog a treat, nothing screams “fashion” like our new My Best Friend’s Fork ($25), which comes in three great colors: blue, clear and pink.
Designed just for dogs, these forks are made from stainless steel so they will not bend or break with normal use. The prongs have rounded outside edges while the inner prongs are shorter to fit your dog’s mouth better.
In addition, each fork has a Swarovski crystal embedded in it. These crystals make it easy to keep track of whose fork it is while adding a touch of elegance and class to your dog’s dining experience.
When traveling, consider adding our pink Round Dog Travel Bowls ($105). The latching pink outer carrier—it looks like a small pink purse—holds two stainless steel bowls that be easily removed for cleaning.

Our Fresh Flow Fountain is perfect for multiple pet households.
Keep your dogs and cats hydrated at home by giving them water in a way they will enjoy: with one of our drinking fountains. While dogs and cats will drink from any bowl, they prefer moving water.
Our Fresh Flow Deluxe Fountain ($105) from Drinkwell ® holds one gallon of constantly recirculating water that passes through a charcoal filter. The water spills down the sides into a bowl, letting dogs drink their fill from any angle. It’s especially great for multiple pet households.
The Platinum Pet Fountain ($115) has a 5-inch stream of freshly flowing filtered water. It features a snap-on lid and dishwasher-safe removable water reservoir.
For a great mix of style and functionality, consider buying our Rain Drop Stainless Steel Pet Fountain ($85). It holds 60 ounces of healthy water that is constantly circulated through a charcoal filter. The filter and stainless steel bowl helps protect your pets from bacterial infections as well. The modern raindrop shape is a perfect addition to any room. This design is also available in black or white ceramic ($75).
Express your pet’s inner yin and yang with our Fung Shui Plastic Pet Fountain ($45). This calming design features a black pump and reservoir with a white bowl.
Replacement filters are also available for each of these pet fountains.
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