Eye & Ear Wipes Reduce Unsightly Stains

Does your dog suffer from staining around the eyes?
Does your dog have tear duct issues, issues that cause staining on their light-colored hair? If so, the Posh Puppy Boutique and John Paul Pet Products can help.
John Paul Pet, created by the founder of the Paul Mitchell human hair styling products, has created a new disposable wipe. Using sea water as a gentle astringent, boric acid as a mild antiseptic and Aloe Vera gel for hydration, the John Paul Ear & Eye Wipes($15) are designed to help remove tear stains and matter that accumulates around your dog’s eyes and ears. Cleaning these areas carefully—be sure not to touch their delicate eyes—reduces bacteria buildup and protects against stains, infection and odor. Many small dog breeds, such as Chihuahuas, dogs with short noses such as Shih-Tzu’s, Pugs, Maltese and Pekingese, and white dogs in general, are prone to these stains.
John Paul Ear & Eye Wipes can help reduce these unsightly stains
John Paul Pet also makes several other wipes designed to make keeping your pet, regardless of color, looking great. They include:
·         Full Body & Paw Wipes ($15) that remove dander and loose hairs from their coat. These wipes are enriched with lanolin to clean, deodorize and moisture pet coats.
·         Tooth and Gum Wipes ($15) are designed to help promote dental hygiene in your pet. Soft and gentle, they use baking soda and mint to remove stains, freshen your pet’s breath and promote healthy teeth and gums.
·         Tearless Gentle Shampoo ($15) that uses a botanical blend to condition and add luster to your pet’s coat. This shampoo works great on young puppies and kittens as well.
John Paul Pet products are “tested on humans first.”
Grooming products are only part of the many items found at the Posh Puppy Boutique. Give your dog a “made to order” Bowser Bone treat ($12 for a half-pound bag) created with all natural ingredients. No artificial colors or preservatives are used, though the treats typically last 9-12 months.
Keep your dog treats in one of our Mexican Blue & White Bowls and Treat Jars. These bowls and jars are priced from $27-$79 depending on the size and type. All have a hand-painted, rich look.
These Mexican Blue and white treat jars and bowls are now available at the Posh Puppy.
Also check out our Palm Beach Paisley Treat Jars ($42) and Trellis Treat Jars ($42), which are adorned with a bone-shaped handle. The jars come in small and medium sizes as do matching bowls, sold separately.
Check out our New Arrivals!  page for the latest in couture dog fashion clothing, bowls, grooming products, toys and accessories.
These and thousands of other fashionable pet products and accessories can be found in one place: the Posh Puppy Boutique.

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