Don't forget your Party Animal!

Since Mardi Gras in New Orleans officially starts today, February 12th 2010 there is purple, green and gold everywhere!

Because many of us can’t be in New Orleans for this festive and fun event we have to bring the festivities to us!

Maybe you are attending a Mardi Gras party in your neck of the woods or maybe you are hosting a Mardi Gras themed party yourself. It would only make sense that when you are buying the Mardi Gras beads, plates and party accessories that you not leave your little “party go-er” out either.

A Mardi Gras dog tee would be cute, or possibly you have a spunky little diva girl who wants to be the center of attention, try the Bright Mardi Gras Feather Dog Tutu and Coordinating Hair Bow.

Maybe your dog isn’t into dressing for the occasion, you could slide on the Mardi Gras hair clip and still be a part of the fun! How about a festive Mardi Gras dog party collar or put some beads on your dog, but be careful that they don’t get tangled and only keep on for some "party pics". 

Any direction you go to dress your dog for a occasion, make sure it is a comfortable fit for your pet. Some dogs just don’t like to be dressed up and some love the attention and will sit patiently while you try different outfits on him. Just be patient and find the right fit.

So, whether you are on Bourbon Street or in the Northwest or snowy Dallas, remember you can still throw a party for Mardi Gras and dress everyone to the occasion! Mardi Gras is still a great choice for a themed party any time of the year, whatever the party, don't forget your dog, this biggest party animal of all!

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