Cool Summer Ideas


Responsible pet owners do everything they can think of to keep their pets cool and comfortable during these hot summer days. The Posh Puppy Boutique can help since we sell numerous items designed to do just that.

The Handi-Drink Mini ($12) combines a 9-ounce squeezable water bottle with a dispenser tray that doubles as a cover. The unit folds into the tray making it easy and comfortable to carry on short trips and longer hauls. It comes in blue, pink and purple.

We also sell the Handi-Drink Medium ($13) designed for larger dogs. It includes a 17-ounce water bottle, dispenser tray and cover. It comes in blue, hot pink and lime.

Our Krackle Zoo Water Bottle Toy ($12) is an elephant-shaped plush toy designed to hold a 16-18 ounce water bottle. Water bottles, which are not included, can be frozen or warmed, depending on your pet’s needs. It also makes crackling sounds to stimulate you pets.

The Dog-Bag Pet Tent ($155) combines a strong pop-up frame with a dog-sized portable crate tent, making it perfect for a day in the park, a short car trip or any other trek. Available in small, medium ($175) and large ($195) sizes, the collapsed tent fits in an included 13.5-inch long, 8-inch wide by 16.5-inch tall backpack.

We have two items that are perfect for pups who would rather jump in the water than drink it:

1. Hawaiian Board Shorts ($29) in red, black or blue. In sizes from double-extra small to extra large, your pooch will outshine all the other dogs.

2. Dog life jackets ($39) in either blue or pink polka dots. Designed to keep your pet safe in the water, they include quick-release buckles, straps at the neck and belly, a D-ring for attaching a leash and a hand strap for quickly grabbing your friend. Their design ensures buoyancy and visibility while keeping them comfortable and warm.

Girl dogs will love—and look simply fabulous in—one of our Criss Cross Bikini Dresses ($45), such as this tropical model. They have a slightly scooped neckline and a fully-gathered skirt. Patterns include a pink Hawaiian print, red bow floral, yellow polka dots and stars and stripes.

For these and other ideas, visit the Posh Puppy Boutique or call 888-837-5230.

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