Choosing the Right Bed for your Dog

If you plan to buy a bed for your dog to sleep on there are plenty of options available. The point is how do you know which would be the right choice for your pet? A few tips that might come in handy in helping you make the right choice are as follows:


The best place to shop for a dog bed is online where you will find a variety of designer dog beds in different sizes and styles at popular online pet websites like among others.

Weight and Size

Probably the most important factor to look for is to select the right size. If you have a very large dog he will not be comfortable on standards beds made for pets. Similar is the case with small sized pets as they will feel comfy in a large bed. You need to choose a bed that matches your pets’ weight and size. The sizes generally available are small, medium large and extra large. The best way to go about this is to measure your pet’s weight and size. You also have to keep your dog’s growth in mind if it is a puppy.


The Material Used:  

If you own a dog that loves chewing everything they find, you need to choose a bed made from the right type of material. If you opt for a cheap bed it may not be very durable and not last a while. This is because they are made from cheaper material and do not have reinforced stitching. If your dog chews a lot he may shred it in a few days. Instead, opt for a bed that is expensive but made from a much higher quality material that will last long.

The Health of the Dog

If your dog is young and healthy any kind of dog bed would serve the purpose. If you have an older dog that is unwell or suffering from arthritis a special type of bed is required. For such dogs, there are orthopedic beds which come equipped with memory foam for the dog to get extra comfort.


Where you Place the Bed: 

When choosing a bed you need to decide where you will place it whether indoors or outdoors. Placement is important when selecting a bed. If you plan to place it outside it must be made of durable material to withstand the weather conditions outside. Preferably opt for water-resistant material. If you are keeping it outdoors choosing a raised bed will be easier to keep dry when it rains.  If you plan to place it on the garage floor it should have adequate protection beneath it to protect it from the cold floor in winter.


Easy to Clean

Dogs that are very playful and enjoy playing in mud or sand need a bed that is easy to clean and maintains. If the bed is pillow styled ensure that the cover can be removed and washed.

These are some of the factors that must be weighed-in before you decide to select a bed for your adorable pooch!

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