All in one dog strollers, with backpack, pet carrier and car seat!

A pet stroller is a great way to take your puppy for a long walk or trip. It safely contains and protects your pet everywhere you go.
Pet strollers are very similar to those for human babies, but not designed for them. Features include a strong structure, riding low to the ground for easy access, a waterproof base, front rotating wheels, rear brakes and bug proof mesh that provides air circulation and visibility.

Some dog strollers come as multi-function backpacks, pet carrier and car seats, with three uses in one!
This dog stroller consists of a closeable pet backpack that is constructed of water resistant fabric and durable nylon. The backpack cover has two layers so it can be fully closed, opened with a mesh covering for ventilation, or fully open so your pet can look out. It also includes a removable, washable pad that fits in the bottom of the backpack with a mesh layer that allows urine to pass through and protect your pet in case of an accident.
The dog backpack enclosure has removable, adjustable shoulder straps that allows the carrier to be easily carried. The straps also serve to secure the carrier to the pet stroller. The rust-free stroller unit includes two drink holders and a tray plus a back brake. In addition, the pet stroller folds down for easy storage and transport when it is not in use.
Our pet carrier has a third use: when a seatbelt is inserted through the rear straps, the carrier becomes a safe car seat for your pet.

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