Small 18k Gold & Silver with CZ Jewels - 38inch Leash Holder

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The latest in the ever-growing line of luxurious pet accessories is the high-profile pet collection, a luxury lifestyle company. Created for those of distinction who adore their dogs, these collars and leashes are made from the finest materials, including exotic skins such as snake, ostrich and crocodile. Kabuku is an old Japanese word which signifies that it is fine to have an inclined way of thinking being indifferent to common lifestyles and things or ideas accepted by others. These leads are for people who always look for something different from others, whatever it is. 18K Gold/Silver with 201 (6.25K) clear/pink higher grade CZ jewels, includes detachable silver and blue fox cuff holder. Size: 38 inches in length
*This item is custom made to order and is not eligible for return/exchange.
*These are all custom orders and require 2-3 weeks for processing.

Thank you very much for your purchase of aPosh Puppy Boutiqueproduct. This insert describes our limited warranty. We offer a one-year, free-of-charge repair service for the product you purchased if it is broken or damaged, subject to the exclusions listed below. Please send us the broken or damaged item with the Warranty Card which is inside the product case.

Scope of Compensation:

If the Posh Puppy Boutique product is broken or damaged, you can get a free-of-charge repair service once during the Warranty Period.Under no circumstances willPosh PuppyBoutiquebe held responsible for any other damages.

Exclusions to Limited Warranty:

However, please be advised this limited warranty EXCLUDES the following situations:

  1. As this product is NOT designed for daily use, we take no responsibility for any accident that may occur to you or your dog for uses other than for show purposes. You are reminded that this high end leash, chain holder, and collar are strictly for show/ornamental purposes.
  2. We will not be responsible if you or another party using it are allergic to the chain holder made of silver fox or blue fox.
  3. We will not be responsible if you are allergic to the metal used in our product.
  4. We will not be responsible for natural wear, rust, fire or burn damage, or change in quality caused by metal properties.
  5. We will not be responsible for any intentionally caused damage(s).
  6. We will not be responsible for any damage(s) caused by an Act of God such as earthquake, fire, or flood, etc.
  7. We will not be responsible for scratches to the product.
  8. We will not be responsible for damage(s) caused by using a cleaner other than one designed specifically for silver.
  9. We will not be responsible for damage(s) caused by storage in places with extreme temperature changes, such as near a fireplace, prolonged exposure to direct rays of the sun, or inside a car, exposure to high levels of moisture, etc.
  10. We will not be responsible for any attempt to return a product without presentation of the Warranty Card provided at the time of purchase.

Warranty Period (Term of Warranty):

The term for this limited warranty is one year from the date of purchase. After the expiration of this term, any repairs will be charged at our usual rates.

Procedure for Repair Under Limited Warranty:

Please send us the product to be repaired, including the Warranty Card and a detailed explanation of the nature of the damage, how it occurred, including details such as date, location and conditions. We reserve the right to use our sole discretion as to whether or not the damage will be covered by this limited warranty or not.

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