Petcube Pet Camera Interactive Toy

Product Description
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Petcube features a 3R class laser which is used in laser pointers and computer mice and is safe for human and animal eyes. Your pet will never look for a prolonged period of time at something that makes him or her feel uncomfortable. We care a lot about the pets' mental and physical health. Pets like to catch beams of light as it stimulates their predator instincts. At the same time, your pet needs some physical feedback to feel accomplished in catching the prey that's why we recommend to also use physical toys when you can. There were occasional reports of dogs becoming obsessed with sources of light like sun or laser beams. This has to do with pet's character, not a source of light. If you are in doubt, please test a conventional laser pointer with your pet. You can always turn off the laser feature of Petcube and use it to watch and talk to your pet. Petcube cares deeply about security issues; it is our top priority to provide a safe user experience. All the connections are protected with 128-bit encryption, use SSL protocol and a number of other security features. You decide who gets access to your Petcube and the light indicator shows you if the camera is in use. Petcube is not about the laser alone. You can always check what's going on in your place, talk to your pet, take cute photos and share them with your pet lovers community. Laser pointer is a neat feature we implemented after realizing that most of cats, dogs, rabbits, fishes and even spiders enjoy playing with a laser pointer. It's easy to check if your pet likes to chase the beam before buying Petcube if that's a critical part for you. Petcube operates mini-USB 110/240 power adapter with an American type plug. Petcube app requires iOS 6.1 or greater and Android 4.0 or greater.

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