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Discover a signature, eco-friendly nail polish for dogs available in amazing fashion-forward colors, capturing the essence of Quality Life for Dogs.

This completely non-toxic nail color is formulated by leading luxury nail and dog care experts to moisturize and nourish dog’s nails and dry fast.

Formulated without: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (dbp), formaldehyde, campor.

Dog parents: Add a glass nail file to prepare dog’s nails. For best results begin with a layer of white base coat to cover nail pigmentation. Follow with one or two layers of nail polish in your dog’s favorite color. Finish with the fast dry top coat for dog nails. Remove with our signature non-toxic dog nail polish remover.

Made in the U.S.A. - 8ml


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100% natural and completely non-toxic nail polish remover for dogs is formulated by leading luxury nail and dog care experts and includes soybean esters to moisturize and nourish dog nails. Derived from crops. 100% biodegradable.

Formulated without: acetone, carcinogens, petroleum ingredients.

Dog parents: take a cotton pad and tip the nail polish remover bottle to wet the pad. Rub the wet pad over dog's nail with gentle pressure to remove nail polish and base coat. Use another pad as necessary. Tighten the bottle to enjoy for up to 16 months. To moisturize paws and nails, finish with paw + nose moisturizer.

Made in the U.S.A.


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This double-sided nail file for dogs is created by leading experts in nail and dog care and is made of crystal glass - superior material used for manufacturing the best nail files in the world. Non-porous surface does not absorb water and can be sanitized 100%. Reduces peeling and splitting of dog nails and does not disturb the nail polish during touch ups. Guaranteed to last forever and never wear down, this nail file is a must-have accessory for every dog.

Dog parents: use weekly to maintain dog's nails or before applying nail polish. To clean: rinse under warm water and pat with a towel. Keep in the protective case and avoid dropping the nail file to avoid breaking the glass.

Made in Europe - 6.5"

Sku: WP-KW-DFSNailPolish

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