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Turn any dog collar into an aromatherapy experience! Using patented, long-lasting scent technology and natural, essential oils, ikaria PetScent Clips provide soothing and calming benefits for dogs. Simply clip the PetScent Clip onto a collar’s d-ring or a grooming loop, move the slider to the open position to release the scent of the essential blend, and let the aromatherapy begin! The device can be clipped on for specific, stressful situations or it can be left in place and easily opened and closed as needed. Simply move the slider between the opened to closed positions to control the intensity of scent release.

• Made with 100% therapeutic grade oil blends

• Patented, aromatherapy delivery system

• Free from perfumes and chemical propellants

• Fits any size collar or harness (no sizing required)

• Designed and Manufactured in the USA.

Calming – A blend of lavender, sweet marjoram and chamomile naturally soothe and calm dogs.

Rescue – Cypress, spikenard, neroli, ylang ylang and lavender ease anxiety and emotional trauma.

Help keep dogs calm during:

• Hyperactivity

• Separation anxiety

• Grooming

• Kennel boarding

• Thunderstorms

• Fireworks

• Depression

• Stress

How It Works

Dogs interact with the world through scent. Up to 1/3 of a dog's brain is devoted to acquiring and processing scent. When essential oils are inhaled, they are directly processed in the area of the brain that regulates emotion and memory. ikaria’s finely-crafted blends of therapeutic grade essential oils, premium herbal infusions and carrier oils combine to do nature's work in helping to soothe and comfort dogs. The clips use natural evaporation to diffuse the scent of the oil blends without the need for chemical propellants.

PetScent Clips feature a patented delivery system which includes an internal, multi-layered surface which holds the scent molecules of the aromatherapy essential oil blend. An open and closed slider controls the amount of aromatherapy to be released into the air. Because the clip is ideally positioned below the dog’s snout, the scent is easily inhaled by the dog. When open, the scent is released into the air and the millions of receptors in the dog's nasal passages deliver the calming scent to the limbic system in the dog’s brain which creates a positive emotional response.

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