Go Shower Bag - Grass Green

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Go Shower Bag - Grass Green

Kurgo’s Go Shower is the perfect solution for when your outing gets messier than you anticipated. This portable dog shower holds 6 liters of water and can attach to nearly anything – from your car’s door frame to a nearby branch – allowing you to use both hands to clean and not have to maneuver a bulky water bottle. The shower’s outer bag is constructed with tough, ripstop fabric and features extra pockets for storage and webbing loops to attach a towel. When done, simply roll up and store for the next time. Oh, one more thing, check out the attached bottle opener...because after cleaning your muddy dog, we’re guessing you might need a beverage.

  • Bladder capacity: 6L / 1.59 gallons
  • Shower lasts a little over 2 minutes with non-stop stream
  • Pull shower head nozzle out to use, push in to stop
  • Rolls up for storage
  • Pockets for storing cleaning essentials
  • Webbing loops to attach towel
  • Bottle opener
  • Bladder can be removed for cleaning
  • Unique adjustable strap allows it to be connected to virtually anything-
  • tree branch, car door frame, car interior grab handles, tailgate etc
  • Full bladder can be set in the sun to heat the water

Sku: WP-PS-K01914

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