Cold Weather Carrier in Celestial Blue

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Sometimes our dogs need our help carrying them. Could be that they are tired. They injured their legs. Or could be that it's just safer for you to carry them because the environment isn't safe for them to walk.

Whatever the case might be, our Cold Weather Carrier is there.

It has 3 pieces:
  • The Leash-to-Carrier Strap
  • The Back Leg Holder.
  • The Jacket

You can use it in two ways:
  1. As a messenger bag style carrier.
  2. As a jacket with a built-in harness.

When used as a carrier, the leash-to-carrier strap is a strap.
  • You loop the detachable handle on the leash through the lift handle and
  • take out the back leg holder from the strap's pocket and attach the three buckles to the jacket.

When used as a jacket, the leash-to-carrier strap is a leash.
  • You attach buckles on the strap to the buckles on the front of the lift handle.
  • The back leg holder gets stored away inside the strap's pocket.

The carrier comes with two layers where the inside layer is silky soft so it doesn't rub against your dog's skin. The outside layer is thick padded so your dog stays warm and comfortable.

Sku: WP-PFG-74221

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