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DDB-PARISGLIT-D   Couture Paris Glitter Dress
ABE-PARSWE-D   Couture Paris Sweetie Dress
DDB-PAR-TD   Couture Paris Tutu Dress
FFF-PAPI-HD   Couture Park Picnic Harness Dress
JFB-PRDOTPARTY-TD   Couture Party Dots Tutu Dress in Purple
JFB-COPPARTY-D   Couture Party Dress- Creamy Orange and Pink
JFB-PARTYOP-D   Couture Party Dress- Orange and Pink
E-PPC-PARTY-HD   Couture Party Harness Dress
JFB-SPRINGPRTYPK-TD   Couture Party in Springtime Tutu Dress in Pink
JFB-SPRINGPRTYYL-TD   Couture Party in Springtime Tutu Dress in Yellow
JFB-PRINCESSPARTY-TD   Couture Party Princess Tutu Dress in Pink
JFB-ICECREAM-TD   Couture Party with Ice Cream Tutu Dress
YPF-SHBBYBL-C   Couture Pastel Chic Collar in Blue
YPF-SHBBYPK-C   Couture Pastel Chic Collar in Pink
YPF-SHBBYBL-L   Couture Pastel Chic Leash in Blue
NSH-WFL-PPH   Couture Pastel Pink Knit Hat- White Flower with Crystals
ABE-PABUTTER-L   Couture Pastels and Butterfly Beaded Leash
JFB-PATRIOT-TD   Couture Patriotic Party Tutu Dress
JFB-PATST-TD   Couture Patriotic Stars Tutu Dress
JFB-PAT-TD   Couture Patriotic Tutu Dress
JFB-PEACEFL-HV   Couture Peace Flower Harness Vest
JFB-PEACE-TD   Couture Peace Tutu Dress with Many Band Colors
YRL-PEACOCK-D   Couture Peacock Dress
E-NCC-PEAT-D   Couture Peacock Dress- Three Colors
YRL-PKPEARL-D   Couture Pearls and Pink Dress
OCO-1372   Couture Penguin Shirt
JFB-PAISLEY-D   Couture Perfect Paisley Dress
JFB-PERKY-D   Couture Perky Dog Dress
JFB-PERPK-DR   Couture Perky Pink Dress
OCO-47   Couture Personalized Denim Studded Harness Vest
ABE-PETALR-L   Couture Petal of a Rose Beaded Leash
VCC-PHPR-H   Couture Philly Prince Harness Vest
JFB-PRETTYPK-D   Couture Pink and Pretty Dress
E-MD-BALLERINA-TUD   Couture Pink Ballerina Tutu Harness Dress
ABE-PK-L   Couture Pink Beaded Leash
JFB-PKCHERRY-D   Couture Pink Cherry Dress
NMNDFB-PKF-TP   Couture Pink Fairies Tutu Pajamas
YRL-PKFCOPLACE-HD   Couture Pink Faux Fur and CopperLace Dress
FFF-PKFLWR-H   Couture Pink Flower Harness Vest
YRL-PKFRINGE-SV   Couture Pink Fringe Sweater Vest
JFB-PKWAT-TD   Couture Pink Fun Watermelon Tutu Dress
E-LEN-FRBKPK   Couture Pink Hat with Black/Pink Feathers
JFB-PKPARIS-D   Couture Pink Paris Springtime Dress
FFF-PRPK-H   Couture Pink Pretty Harness Vest
YRL-PKROSE-C   Couture Pink Rosettes Jacket
YRL-PKBKBOA-SV   Couture Pink Sweater Vest with Black Boa
NMNDFB-PTO-TP   Couture Pink Toile Pajamas
YRL-PZE-HV   Couture Pink Zebra Harness Vest
ABE-ABPL-HV   Couture Plaid Harness Vest- Aqua/Brown
FFF-TQPLAID-H   Couture Plaid Harness Vest- Turquoise
FFF-YPLAID-H   Couture Plaid Harness Vest- Yellow
FOURBK-PLESAT-D   Couture Pleated Satin Dress in Many Colors
ABE-PHP-HV   Couture Pocket Hankie Harness Vest- Plaid
YRL-DOTFRI-TUTU   Couture Polka Dot Fringe Tutu
ABE-PDLS-HV   Couture Polka Dot Harness Vest -Lace and Satin
JFB-DOTPKGR-HV   Couture Polka Dot Harness Vest in Pink/Green
ABE-PREPK-L   Couture Precious Pink Beaded Leash
OCO-1345   Couture Princess Goldeneye Gown
RR-EAPR-HD   Couture Princess Harness Dress
CCEH-PKPRINCESS-B   Couture Princess in Pink Pet Bed
JFB-PEACPRN-D   Couture Princess Peacock Dress
DDB-PKPRNCSSDMSK-TUDR   Couture Princess Pink Damask Tutu Dress
E-MD-PULLGRRD-S   Couture Pullover Grey and Red Sweater
JFB-THANKS-D   Couture Pumpkin at Thanksgiving Dress
E-MD-CROCHETPR-S   Couture Purple Crochet Flowers Sweater
OCO-1205   Couture Purple Harness- Limited Edition
E-NCC-PRDOT-TUDR   Couture Purple Polka Dot Tutu Dress
E-NCC-BELLAPFROSE-DR   Couture Purple Rose N Feathers Dress
ABE-PGROY-L   Couture Purple Royalty Beaded Leash
GAJ-QC-PFL-C   Couture Quilted Cashmere Coat with Hair Bow- Pink/Flowers
YRL-RACHEL-NL   Couture Rachel Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
YRL-RAVEN-NL   Couture Raven Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
YRL-RDCH-HD   Couture Red Dress Collection -Christmas Day
YRL-RDCHEVE-HD   Couture Red Dress Collection -Christmas Eve
YRL-RDFRINGE-HD   Couture Red Dress Collection -Fringe
YRL-RDRUSSIAN-HD   Couture Red Dress Collection -Russian
YRL-RDHOLIDAY-HD   Couture Red Dress Collection- Holiday Party
TP5-RED   Couture Red Harness Dress
LADS-RWRR-FC   Couture Red Leather Rhinestone Flower Collar- Red/White-
E-LEN-RDLEOPARD   Couture Red Leopard Hat
ABE-BEANAU-D   Couture Red Nautical Dress
YRL-RRUBY-C   Couture Red Ruby Faux Fur Coat
E-NCC-RSAILBB-DR   Couture Red Sailor Dress- Blue Bow
OCO-71   Couture Red Silk Garden Dress
FFF-RSS-H   Couture Red Sugar Skull Harness Vest
JFB-RWPAR-TD   Couture Red/White Party Tutu Dress
OCO-73   Couture Regal Royal Blue Hearts Harness Vest
ABE-DDAISY-ism   Couture Retro Dot Dress- Daisy
ABE-RDDOT-D   Couture Retro Dot Dress- Red
ABE-40FLO-D   Couture Retro Flower Dress
JFB-AQRD-D   Couture Retro Red/Aqua Dress
OCO-1304   Couture Reversible Snowball Hooded Coat Harness Vest
OCO-TANCHI-HV   Couture Rhinestone Chihuahua Harness Vest- Tan
OCO-WHCHI-HV   Couture Rhinestone Chihuahua Harness Vest- White
OCO-1376-ixs   Couture Rhinestone Lightening Kitty Dog Shirt
E-NCC-ELLA-HD   Couture Rhinestone Princess Harness Dress- Ella
LADS-IBURW-C   Couture Ring Bearers Pillow - Ivory/Burgundy
YRL-RAR-HV   Couture Rock and Roll Harness Vest
FFF-PRG-HV   Couture Rocker Punk Girl Harness Vest
OCO-53   Couture Rose in Paris Harness Vest
E-NCC-BRROSE-DR   Couture Roses and Rhinestone Dress- Black and Red
E-NCC-ROSET-D   Couture Roses Dress- Tan
FFF-BLROSE-H   Couture Roses in Blue Harness Vest
YRL-STOLE-PK   Couture Rosette Stole- Pink
YRL-BUROSET-HD   Couture Rosettes Dress- Burgundy
YRL-GNROSE-D   Couture Rosettes Dress-Green Satin
YRL-LMROSE-D   Couture Rosettes Dress-Lilac Mini Satin
YRL-LROSE-D   Couture Rosettes Dress-Lilac Satin
YRL-SVWROSE-D   Couture Rosettes Dress-White and Silver Satin
YRL-CHROSET-HV   Couture Rosettes Harness Vest- Chocolate
YRL-PKROSE-D   Couture Rosettes Tutu Dress-Pink Satin
VCC-ROYAL-H   Couture Royal Harness Vest
ABE-SAIL-HA   Couture Sailor Dog Hat
E-NCC-SAILNAVY-V   Couture Sailor Vest- Navy
JFB-JOLLY-D   Couture Saint Nick is Jolly Dress
KDDB-SH-J   Couture Santa Dog Coat
ABE-SAH-HV   Couture Santa's Helper Harness Vest
YRL-SASSY-NL   Couture Sassy Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
JFB-SATGD-D   Couture Satin and Gold Dress
E-NCC-SPB-DR   Couture Satin Hot Pink and Black Dress
YRL-SEQROSE-BK-D   Couture Sequence Roses Dress- Black
YRL-SEQROSE-F-D   Couture Sequence Roses Dress- Fuchsia
E-MD-BLSEQ-TUD   Couture Sequins Tutu Harness Dress- Bright Blue
YRL-CC-SHAWL   Couture Shawl with Caramel Cream Fur
YRL-GBW-SHAWL   Couture Shawl with Gray/Black/White Fur
PPB2-SHER-B-isl   Couture Sherlock Holmes Costume Set- Boy
PPB2-SHER-G   Couture Sherlock Holmes Costume Set- Girl
KD-BLSHERPA   Couture Sherpa Lined Coat in Blue
KD-PKSHERPA   Couture Sherpa Lined Coat in Pink
KD-TANSHERPA   Couture Sherpa Lined Coat in Tan
YRL-SSD-TUTU   Couture Silver Sparkle Tutu
YRL-SVBK-HD   Couture Silver/Black Dress
E-NCC-SVPK-HV   Couture Silver/Pink Harness Vest
YRL-SNAKEBL-D   Couture Snake Skin Dress-Blue
YRL-SWFF-HV   Couture Snow White Faux Fur Harness Vest
LCB-FEATHSNOWWED-D   Couture Snowball Feather Wedding Dress
ABE-BRSNOW-HV   Couture Snowflake Harness Vest- Brown
ABE-BSNOW-HV   Couture Snowflake Harness Vest- Burgundy
ABE-SFTBREEZE-L   Couture Soft Breeze Leash
E-MD-GRBUTTON-SH   Couture Soft Green with Buttons Shrug Sweater
OCO-1213   Couture Sophisticated Girl Sweater
OCO-1375-CC   Couture Sorbet Cupcake Shirt- Dark Purple
E-NCC-BKMAG-D   Couture Sparkle Dress-Black/Magenta
YRL-SORF-HD   Couture Special Occasion Rhinestone Flower Dress
JFB-SUMS-TD   Couture Splashin' Summer Tutu Dress
JFB-BWBIRDIE-D   Couture Spring Birdie Dress-Black/White
KD-ORDOT   Couture Spring Dog Coat – Orange Polka Dot
KD-WAWAVE   Couture Spring Dog Coat – Watermelon Wave
KD-MGRAY   Couture Spring Dog Coat –Masculin Gray
JFB-SPHELLO-D   Couture Spring Hello Dress
JFB-PARISSPRNG-HV   Couture Spring Paris Harness Vest
JFB-DOTLMPK-D   Couture Spring Polka Dots Dress in Lime/Pink
JFB-LVFLOATFLWR-T   Couture Spring Tutu with Lavender Floating Flowers
JFB-PKFLOATFLWR-T   Couture Spring Tutu with Pink Floating Flowers
JFB-YLFLOATFLWR-T   Couture Spring Tutu with Yellow Floating Flowers
OCO-1412-ixxs   Couture Springtime Dream Harness Vest
OCO-SPELEG-is   Couture Springtime Elegance Dress
OCO-1411   Couture Springtime Flower Elegance Harness Vest
ABE-SPRFLO-D   Couture Springtime Flowers Dress
JFB-SPECIAL-D   Couture Springtime Special Dress
JFB-PATTYDAY-TD   Couture St Patrick's Day Feather Dress
ABE-STPATD-HV   Couture St. Patrick's Day Harness Vest
JFB-SSBERRY-D   Couture Strawberries Dress
E-MD-STRGB-S-il   Couture Striped Red/Gray Sweater with Buttons
E-MD-STRGB-S-ilx   Couture Striped Red/Gray Sweater with Buttons
FFF-STNS-HV   Couture Stripes N Stars Harness Vest
FFF-SNS-H   Couture Studs N Skulls Harness Vest
FFF-SSRD-HD   Couture Sugar Skull Harness Dress-Red
VCC-SSHINE-DR   Couture Sunshine Dress
JFB-FALLSUN-TD   Couture Sunshine in Fall Tutu Dress
JFB-SUPWAT-TD   Couture Surprise Watermelon Tutu Dress
LCB-RDSWAROVFTHR-DR   Couture Swarovski Crystal Feather Dress
E-MD-PKWHPOMPOM-S   Couture Sweater in White and Pink
VCC-SHEART-SW   Couture Sweet Heart Sweater
OCO-68   Couture Tafetta Glamour Dress- Key Lime
FOURBK-TEA-D   Couture Tea Time Dress
TP5-TEALVEST   Couture Teal Harness Vest
ABE-TBEARP-HV   Couture Teddy Bear Harness Vest- Pink
JFB-SPRING-D   Couture Think Spring Dog Dress
OCO-1308   Couture Tiger Blue Dress
E-NCC-TIGERPKBK-DR   Couture Tiger Hot Pink and Black Boa Dress
FFF-TINA-H   Couture Tina Harness Vest
FFF-TORI-H   Couture Tori Harness Vest
E-NCC-BELLAGIRFBOA-DR-is   Couture Turquoise Giraffe Dress with Boa Trim
DDB-82659687   Couture Tutu Dress Hot Pink & Green
JFB-TUX-HV   Couture Tux Harness Vest- 4 Tie Colors
FFF-TYLH-HV   Couture Tyler Harness Vest- Love Hurts
YRL-USEAS-D   Couture Under the Seas Dress-Coral
YRL-US-NL   Couture United States Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
VCC-VALEN-DR   Couture Valentina Dress
JFB-VALJUMPER-D   Couture Valentine Dress- Jumper
JFB-VALLAVHEART-D   Couture Valentine Dress- Lavender Hearts
JFB-VALLOVE-D   Couture Valentine Dress- Love
JFB-VALHEAR-HV   Couture Valentine Heart Dog Harness Vest
JFB-VALHEAR-D   Couture Valentine Heart Dress
JFB-VALCNDY-TD   Couture Valentine Tutu Dress- Candy Hearts
JFB-VALFLUFFY-TD   Couture Valentine Tutu Dress- Fluffy
JFB-ZEBRALOVE-TD   Couture Valentine Tutu Dress- Love Zebras
JFB-VALPRINCSS-TD   Couture Valentine Tutu Dress- Princess
JFB-HRTSTRIPE-TD   Couture Valentine Tutu Dress- Stripes & Hearts

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