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E-NCC-BNAVYR-DR   Couture Blue Navy Dress- Red Bow
CCEH-BLPOST-B   Couture Blue Post Pet Bed
ABE-SNWLEOPRD-L   Couture Blue Snow Leopard Beaded Leash- up to 15 Lbs
E-NCC-BOWTUX-NB-V   Couture Bow Tie Navy Blue Tuxedo Vest with Crystals
E-LEN-WEDVFF   Couture Bridal Veil -Flowers and Feathers
E-LEN-WEDHAT   Couture Bridal Wedding Hat -White Feathers
JFB-PEACE-T   Couture Bright Peace Tutu
E-NCC-BLZEBRA-HV   Couture Bright Zebra Harness Vest- Blue /Silver
E-NCC-HPZEBRA-HV   Couture Bright Zebra Harness Vest- Hot Pink/Silver
GAJ-BW-PV-C   Couture Brocade and Wool Coat with Hair Bow- Purple Velvet
FOURBK-SBBRO-D   Couture Brocade Dress- Silver/Black
E-NCC-BELLABRBROCADE-DR   Couture Brocade Feather Dress in Brown
LCB-SNAKEBRONZ-TUDR   Couture Bronzed Sequin Tutu Dress
LADS-GD-BRC   Couture Brown Leather Rhinestone Bow Tie Collar-Gold
OCO-1315   Couture Brunch Dutch Daisy Dress
OCO-1365   Couture Bubblegum Princess Dress
JFB-BUMBLEBEE-TD   Couture Bumble Bee Tutu Dress
JFB-BZBEE-D   Couture Busy Bee Dog Dress
E-NCC-PKBULA-HV   Couture Butterflies and Lace Harness Vest- Pink
FFF-CAL-H   Couture Calvin Harness Vest
YRL-CCFF-C   Couture Caramel Cream Faux Fur Coat
YRL-CAR-D   Couture Carlota Dress
GAJ-CAWO-TG-C   Couture Cashmere and Wool Coat and Hair Bow- Turquoise/Green
GAJ-PC-C   Couture Cashmere Coat and Hair Bow- Pink/Cream
ABE-CHAMPPEARL-L   Couture Chapagne Pearl Beaded Leash
YRL-CHENILLEWH-SV   Couture Chenille Sweater Vest
FFF-CHER-H   Couture Cher Harness Vest
FFF-CHERIE-H   Couture Cherie Harness Vest
JFB-OPCHEVRON-D   Couture Chevron Dress in Orange and Pink
RR-CIND-HD   Couture Chic Cinderella Dress
E-NCC-CHICKY-D   Couture Chicky Dress
YRL-CHOCCR-C   Couture Chocolate Brown/Cream Coat
E-LEN-CHRSTFEATHER   Couture Christmas Feather Hat
JFB-OTREE-D   Couture Christmas Tree Dress
YRL-CHWED-HD   Couture Christmas Wedding Dress
E-MD-CIRCUS-HD   Couture Circus Harness Dress
CBW-CLSLA-COL-il   Couture Clear Crystal and Leather Dog Collar in Aqua Snow Leopard
CBW-CLBK-COL-i2xssm   Couture Clear Crystal and Leather Dog Collar in Black
CBW-CLSHP-C   Couture Clear Crystal and Leather Dog Collar in Hot Pink
CBW-CLHPL-COL-i2xs2s   Couture Clear Crystal and Leather Dog Collar in Hot Pink Leopard
CBW-CLPK-COL-ixssm   Couture Clear Crystal and Leather Dog Collar in Pink
CBW-CLSRB-C-i2s   Couture Clear Crystal and Leather Dog Collar in Royal Blue
CBW-CLTL-COL-i2xssl   Couture Clear Crystal and Leather Dog Collar in Tan Leopard
KD-BLDOT   Couture Coat with Polka Dots and Fur in Blue
KD-BRNDOT   Couture Coat with Polka Dots and Fur in Brown
KD-GRNDOT   Couture Coat with Polka Dots and Fur in Green
PBH-TD-BC-J   Couture Collection : The Dauphine Bed
YPF-COLROSE-DR   Couture Colorful Rosettes Collar
FFF-CONF-HV   Couture Confetti Harness Vest
ABE-COPPERBK-L   Couture Copper and Black Beads Leash
FFF-COUNTRYBL-HD   Couture Country Girl Harness Dress- Blue Lace
FFF-COUNTRYYLW-HD   Couture Country Girl Harness Dress- Yellow Lace
FFF-COURTNEY-H   Couture Courtney Harness Vest
E-NCC-COWG-D   Couture Cowgirl Dress
ABE-CRAN-L   Couture Cranberry Beaded Leash
E-LEN-MINIRBK   Couture Cream Mini Hat- Red/Black Feather White Flower
E-NCC-CRPKROSE-DR-ixs   Couture Cream Pink Rose Dress
YRL-CCHAMP-HV   Couture Crystal Champagne Harness Vest
E-NCC-PAT-D   Couture Crystal Patricia Dress
E-NCC-CRYAQ-D   Couture Crystals and Aqua Dress
E-NCC-CRYNYL-D   Couture Crystals and Navy Lace Dress
E-NCC-CRYPKBB-D   Couture Crystals and Pink Dress with Black Bow
E-NCC-OLIVECRY-D   Couture Crystals and Satin Dress-Olive
E-NCC-RDHRT-D   Couture Crystals and Satin Dress-Red Hearts
NMNDFB-BDAYC-TP   Couture Cupcake Birthday Tutu Pajamas
RR-DADDY-HD   Couture Dad's Girl Harness Dress
ABE-DAFFODIL-L   Couture Daffodil Delight Leash
JFB-AQRDDAISY-D   Couture Daisies Dress in Aqua/Red
JFB-BIGDAISIES-D   Couture Daisies Dress in Hot Pink/Black
JFB-GNYLDAISY-D   Couture Daisy Dress in Green/Yellow
JFB-TQDAISY-D   Couture Daisy Dress in Turquoise
JFB-PODAMASK-D   Couture Damask Dress in Pink and Orange
JFB-PKDAMASK-TD   Couture Damask Tutu Dress in Pink-X-Small
YRL-PDAN-AR   Couture Danika Armoire- Platinum
JFB-PKDAISY-D   Couture Dasies in Pink and Red Dress
FFF-DAYD-H   Couture Day of the Dead Harness Vest
KD-BKWHCANVAS   Couture Decorative Canvas Coat in Black and White
KD-BLCANVAS   Couture Decorative Canvas Coat in Blue
KD-BLSTRIPE   Couture Decorative Canvas Coat in Blue Stripes
KD-GRSTRIPE   Couture Decorative Canvas Coat in Green Stripes
KD-LEOPR   Couture Decorative Canvas Coat in Leopard Print
KD-PKCANVAS   Couture Decorative Canvas Coat in Pink
JFB-AUTDELIGHT-TD   Couture Delight Tutu Dress in Autumn
FFF-DECO-H   Couture Deluxe Country Harness Vest
JFB-DBUTTER-D   Couture Denim and Butterfly Dress
COS-DENIMJERSEY   Couture Denim and Jersey Stripe Coat
YRL-DS-HV   Couture Denim Harness Vest- Silver
E-NCC-DLPRIN-DR   Couture Denim Love Dress- Princess
VCC-DMV-D   Couture Di Mare Verde Dress
VCC-DIAMOND-DR   Couture Diamond Dress
JFB-DOTSPKBK-D   Couture Dots Dress in Hot Pink/Black
YRL-DT-HD   Couture Downtown Dress
YRL-DREAMC-D   Couture Dreams of Champagne Dress
OCO-1316   Couture Dutch Daisy Dress
JFB-EASTERCARROT-D   Couture Easter Carrot Gingham Dress
JFB-EASTERCHICS-D   Couture Easter Chicks Dress
JFB-EASTERDOTS-D   Couture Easter Dots Dress
ABE-CHIEAS-D   Couture Easter Dress- Chicks
JFB-EASTYLPK-TD   Couture Easter Yellow/Pink Tutu Dress
VCC-EDDB-H   Couture Edwardian Harness Vest- Dark Blue
VCC-EDRD-H   Couture Edwardian Harness Vest- Red
VCC-EDWH-H   Couture Edwardian Harness Vest- White
YRL-EMB-GG-D   Couture Embroidered Dress- Green/Gold
YRL-EMBWH-SV   Couture Embroidered Sweater Vest
DDB-YORKIEBL-HV   Couture Embroidered Yorkie Harness Vest
YPF-EURO-C   Couture European Collar
CCEH-EXEC-B   Couture Executive Pet Bed
FFF-PK-FSL   Couture Fancy Leash-Pink
FFF-TQ-FSL   Couture Fancy Leash-Turquoise
FFF-WH-FSL   Couture Fancy Leash-White
OCO-FASBARB-HV   Couture Fashion Barbie Harness Vest
YRL-CHCRFF-C   Couture Faux Fur Coat- Chocolate/Cream
YRL-STOLE-BK   Couture Faux Fur Stole- Black
YRL-STOLE-CLB   Couture Faux Fur Stole- Black or White
YRL-STOLE-TQB   Couture Faux Fur Stole- Black or White
YRL-STOLE-CHE   Couture Faux Fur Stole- Cheetah
YRL-LEABK-HV   Couture Faux Leather Harness Vest- Black
YRL-FSRD-HV   Couture Faux Snake Skin Harness Vest- Red
LCB-FEATHBDAYPK-D   Couture Feather Confetti Dress
MLF-FEATHER   Couture Feather Hair Clips in Many Colors
E-LEN-FEATHERLTPK   Couture Feather Hat with Light Pink
E-LEN-FEATHERPKBK   Couture Feather Hat with Pink/White/Black
E-LEN-FEATHERWHBK   Couture Feather Hat with White/Black
YPF-FLAG-C   Couture Flags Collar
E-MD-PULLOVR-S   Couture Flirty Pullover Sweater
OCO-54   Couture Floral Blue Ocean Harness Vest
OCO-51   Couture Floral Countryside Dress
OCO-1344   Couture Floral Countryside Harness Vest
E-MD-FLORPAR-TUD   Couture Floral Party Tutu Harness Dress- Peacock
ABE-AQFL-HV   Couture Flower Harness Vest -Aqua Swirls
E-NCC-FLAQS-V   Couture Flower Harness Vest- Aqua
E-LEN-FLOWERRDBK   Couture Flower Hat with Red/Black
JFB-HTPKOR-T   Couture Flower Tutu in Hot Pink/Orange
E-NCC-BELLAOR-DR   Couture Flowing Flower Gown in Orange
E-NCC-FLUTTERB-V   Couture Fluttering Butterfly Vest- Teal/Black
JFB-FOOTBALL-TD   Couture Football Tutu Dress- Customize Colors!
YRL-FRINGE-T   Couture Fringe Tutu in Three Colors
JFB-FROGFROLIC-D   Couture Frogs Frolicking Dress
OCO-69   Couture Fuchsia Peacock Dress
VCC-FBF-HD   Couture Fur Baby Furry Sweater Dress
VCC-FUTU-H   Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress
OCO-1320   Couture Garden Secret Harness Vest
LCB-GARDENPLT-DR   Couture Garden Tea Party Dress
OCO-75   Couture Gardenia Harness Vest
JFB-GEO-D   Couture Geometric Daisy Dog Dress-Pink/Orange
OCO-72   Couture Geometric Harness Vest
JFB-TULLEGERBER-TD   Couture Gerber Daisy Tutu Dress with Many Band Colors
JFB-GERBERLM-T   Couture Gerber Daisy Tutu with Lime/White
JFB-GERBERYLWH-T   Couture Gerber Daisy Tutu with Yellow/White
JFB-GERBERTQOR-T   Couture Gerber Tutu with Orange/Turquoise
ABE-TGIRL-H   Couture Girls are Tough Harness
OCO-GLBARB-HV   Couture Glam Love Barbie Harness Vest
ABE-GDAM-H   Couture Glamour Damask Harness- Hot Pink/ Black/White
JFB-GOBBLE-D   Couture Gobble Dress
ABE-GONYX-L   Couture Gold and Onyx Beaded Leash
YRL-GS-T   Couture Gold or Silver Tutu
YRL-GDSP-T   Couture Gold Sparkle Dot Tutu
E-NCC-GDPK-HV   Couture Gold/Pink Harness Vest
E-NCC-BELLAGLD-DR   Couture Golden Crystal Dress
ABE-GSNOW-HV   Couture Golden Snowflake Harness Vest
ABE-GSNOW-THV   Couture Golden Snowflake Harness Vest with Burgundy Tie
FFF-GRACE-H   Couture Grace Harness Vest
ABE-GRBKBEAD-L   Couture Green Swirled and Black Beaded Leash
E-NCC-GDWEB-D   Couture Halloween Golden Web Dress
LCB-OSTRICH-HC   Couture Harness Coat with Faux Ostrich
ABE-LDBTIE-HV   Couture Harness Vest with Tie-Light Blue/Dark Blue
ABE-NTTIE-HV   Couture Harness Vest with Tie-Navy/Teal
FFF-HLEO-H   Couture Heart Leopard Harness Vest
E-NCC-HMON-HV   Couture Heart Monkey Harness Vest
FFF-PKH-HD   Couture Hearts Harness Dress-Pink
FFF-PKH-H   Couture Hearts Harness Vest- Pink
ABE-HEMATITE-L   Couture Hematite Beaded Leash
JFB-HOLIDAY-D   Couture Holiday Dress
YRL-HOL-T   Couture Holiday Tutu
E-MD-HOLLYAUT-S   Couture Holly Autumn Sweater
ABE-HOLLY-HV   Couture Holly Harness Vest
YRL-HPLACE-D   Couture Hot Pink Black Lace Dress
YRL-HTPKZEBRA-C   Couture Hot Pink Zebra Coat
YRL-PKZEBRAROSE-C   Couture Hot Pink Zebra/Champagne Rosettes Coat
RR-BLICE-HD   Couture Ice Blue Harness Dress
JFB-SUNDAE-D   Couture Ice Cream Dress
JFB-ICECREAM-HV   Couture Ice Cream Harness Vest
JFB-SOCIAL-T   Couture Ice Cream Tutu
JFB-LUCKOFIRISH-TD   Couture Irish Luck Tutu Dress
JFB-IRPRNCSS-TD   Couture Irish Princess Tutu Dress
YRL-IMP-HD   Couture Its My Party Dress
E-TPD2-BDEyeltLcDrss-ixs   Couture Ivory Eyelet Lace Harness Dress
YPF-IVLACEBOW-C   Couture Ivory Lace Bow Tie Collar-Pink
YRL-VP-T   Couture Ivory Petal Tutu
FFF-JASMINE-H   Couture Jasmine Harness Vest
YRL-JG-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Dress
YRL-JERSEYHPF-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Hot Pink Fringe Dress
YRL-JPG-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Prom Dress
YRL-JGRS-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Rock Star Dress
YRL-JS-RC   Couture Jersey Shore Raincoat
OCO-1226   Couture Jet Setter Dress
ABE-CANDYOR-L   Couture Jeweled Candy Leash-Tangerine Orange
ABE-HO-L   Couture Jeweled Christmas Leash- Ho Ho
ABE-DELIGHT-L   Couture Jeweled Christmas Leash-Delightful Crystals
ABE-RDGR-L   Couture Jeweled Christmas Leash-Pearls/Red/Green

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