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FOURBK-HARAUT-D   Couture Harvest of Autumn Dress
JFB-HLOSUNSHN-H   Couture Hello Sunshine Harness
JFB-HOLIDAY-D   Couture Holiday Dress
YRL-HOL-T   Couture Holiday Tutu
RL-RLV246   Couture Honey Berry Dog Harness Vest
YPF-HTPK-FLC-LEO   Couture Hot Pink Flower Leather Collar- Leopard
E-NCC-HOTPINKPARIS-DR   Couture Hot Pink Paris Dress
RR-BLICE-HD   Couture Ice Blue Harness Dress
JFB-SUNDAE-D   Couture Ice Cream Dress
JFB-ICECREAM-HV   Couture Ice Cream Harness Vest
JFB-SOCIAL-T   Couture Ice Cream Tutu
JFB-LUCKOFIRISH-TD   Couture Irish Luck Tutu Dress
JFB-IRPRNCSS-TD   Couture Irish Princess Tutu Dress
YRL-ISABSET-C   Couture Isabella Carrier Set- Carrier/Blanket
YRL-ISAB2-HV   Couture Isabella II Harness Vest
YPF-IVCHFL-WC   Couture Ivory Champagne Flowers Wedding Collar
E-TPD2-BDEyeltLcDrss-ixs   Couture Ivory Eyelet Lace Harness Dress
YPF-IVLACEBOW-C   Couture Ivory Lace Bow Tie Collar-Pink
YRL-JOY-NL   Couture Joy Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
JFB-KISSMEIRISH-TD   Couture Kiss Me I'm Irish Tutu Dress
NSH-MULFL   Couture Knit Hat with Multicolored Flower
NSH-SPRIFL-H-AQ   Couture Knit Hat- Aqua Bonnet with Flowers/ Ribbon
NSH-BBLUE-H   Couture Knit Hat- Baby Blue
NSH-CEOWL-BPLP   Couture Knit Hat- Closed-Eyes Owl in Bright Pink/Light Pink
NSH-HAL-CULGH   Couture Knit Hat- Cute Little Ghost
NSH-HAL-MINION-BLB   Couture Knit Hat- Despicable Me Minion Blue Boy
NSH-HAL-MINION-GRL   Couture Knit Hat- Despicable Me Minion Girl- Three Colors
NSH-LBWFLOW   Couture Knit Hat- Light Blue with Crystal Flower
NSH-LITFRO   Couture Knit Hat- Little Frogger
NSH-SPR-H-PR   Couture Knit Hat- Little Purple Bonnet
NSH-LTLRED-H   Couture Knit Hat- Little Red Bonnet
NSH-HAL-LWIT-OR   Couture Knit Hat- Little Witch in Orange
NSH-HAL-LWIT-PR   Couture Knit Hat- Little Witch in Purple
NSH-MKIT   Couture Knit Hat- Ms Kitty
NSH-NEA   Couture Knit Hat- Neapolitan
NSH-OPEOWL-BPTQ   Couture Knit Hat- Open Eyes Owl in Bright Pink/Turquoise
NSH-OPEOWL-LGTQ   Couture Knit Hat- Open Eyes Owl in Lime Green/Turquoise
NSH-OPEOWL-RDBK   Couture Knit Hat- Open Eyes Owl in Red/Black
NSH-GBONNET-H   Couture Knit Hat- Pink Gingham Bonnet
NSH-PSOCKF   Couture Knit Hat- Pink Sock Monkey with Flower
NSH-SPRIFL-H-RD   Couture Knit Hat- Red Bonnet with Flowers/ Ribbon
NSH-RDPOP-WH-H   Couture Knit Hat- Red Poppy on White
NSH-RWHEART   Couture Knit Hat- Red White Heart
NSH-SPROSIE-H   Couture Knit Hat- Spring Rosie
NSH-ROSBON-H   Couture Knit Hat- Spring Rosie Bonnet
NSH-3SPFPKWHT   Couture Knit Hat- Three Flowers Crochet with Swarovski Crystals
NSH-3FLSC-BKWBG   Couture Knit Hat- Three Flowers with Swarovski Crystals- Black/White/Beige
NSH-2FLPOMPOM-H   Couture Knit Hat- Two Flower with Pom Pom
NSH-2FLSC-WBPLP   Couture Knit Hat- Two Flowers with Swarovski Crystals- White/Bright and Soft Pink
NSH-SM   Couture Knit Hat-Sock Monkey Red
RL-RLV232   Couture La Marchesa Dog Harness Dress
RL-RLV217   Couture La Vie En Rose Dog Harness Dress
YPF-LACEPK-DR   Couture Lace Dress in Pink
YPF-RDLACE-DR   Couture Lace Dress in Red and White
YPF-VNTGELACE-DR   Couture Lace Victorian Dress
JFB-LADYBUG-TD   Couture Ladybug Tutu Dress
JFB-LADYL-D   Couture Ladybugs Dress in Lime
YPF-LRWH-IVLC-FC   Couture Large White Flower Collar- Ivory Lace
JFB-AUTLVS-TD   Couture Leaves in Autumn Tutu Dress
JFB-LEPRE-TD   Couture Leprechaun Tutu Dress
JFB-LEXISHADEFALL-TD   Couture Lexi Tutu Dress in Fall Shade
JFB-LTBLABFL-D   Couture Light Blue Abstract Floral Dog Dress
YPF-LTGNFLWR-C   Couture Light Green Flower Collar
YPF-LHP-BKG-FC   Couture Light Hot Pink Flower Collar- Black Giraffe
YPF-LOR-IVLC-FC   Couture Light Orange Flower Collar- Ivory Lace
YPF-LOR-WH-FC   Couture Light Orange Flower Collar- White
YPF-SFTPKFLWR-C   Couture Light Pink Flower Wedding Collar
RL-RLD49   Couture Limon Tropic Tutu Dress
DRR-LNHRT-HV   Couture Linen Hearts Harness Vest
DRR-LNHRTSS-HV   Couture Linen Hearts Sugar Snap Harness Vest
JFB-HOTLIPS-TD   Couture Lips Dress with Feathers
YRL-LOLA-HV   Couture Lola Harness Vest and Blanket
JFB-LOVEBUGOR-D   Couture Love Bug Dress in Orange
YRL-LUX-B   Couture Lux Wedding Bed
VT-BED200   Couture Luxury Dog Bed with Hood and Draperies
VT-BED100   Couture Luxury Domed Pavilion Dog Bed
KZL-MILEY-RB   Couture Luxury Miley Royal Bed- Choose Color of Lining/Cushion
KZL-MILLIE-RB-PKM   Couture Luxury Millie Royal Bed in Pink-Choose Color of Lining/Cushion
KZL-RB   Couture Luxury Royal Bed-Choose Color of Lining/Cushion
YRL-MADISON-C   Couture Madison Carrier- Personalize
RL-RLV235R   Couture Magenta Blossom Dog Harness Dress
RL-RLV208   Couture Magenta Blossoms Dog Harness Dress
RL-RLV235   Couture Majestic Crown Dog Harness Vest
HELD-2008-09-is   Couture Majestic Luxury Carrier- Black
RL-RLV221   Couture Marjorie Dog Harness Dress
YRL-MICRO-BD-BK   Couture Micro Crown Bed- Black
YRL-MICRO-BD-WH   Couture Micro Crown Bed- White
DRR-MILBRACL-HV   Couture Military Brat Camo Lace Harness Vest
DRR-MILBRACL-SSH   Couture Military Brat Camo Lace Sugar Snap Harness
E-LEN-MINIBLAQ   Couture Mini Blue Hat with Aqua Flower
E-LEN-MINIRB-V   Couture Mini Red Hat- Black dot Veil/Feather Flower
E-LEN-MINIHP   Couture Mini Sparkle Hot Pink Hat
E-LEN-MINIRD   Couture Mini Sparkle Red Hat
E-LEN-SPSV   Couture Mini Sparkle Silver Jewel Hat
JFB-HARVMOON-TD   Couture Moonlight Harvest Tutu Dress
RL-RLV223   Couture Mulberry Sparkle Dog Harness Dress
YPF-NVFLWR-C   Couture Navy Flower Collar
DRR-C-SET3   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Blue Moon
DRR-C-SET12   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Caribbean Blue
DRR-C-SET1   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Hawaiian Sunset
DRR-C-SET13   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Lavender Crystal Pearl
DRR-C-SET4   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Lemon Chiffon
DRR-C-SET2   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Powder Blue
DRR-C-SETGUN   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Gun Metal Rose
DRR-C-SET7   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Peacock Pearls
DRR-C-SET8   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Purple Haze
DRR-C-SET5   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Rock n? Roll Blues
DRR-C-SET6   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Wisteria Vines
DRR-C-19   Couture Necklace- Azure
DRR-C-B-BKKNIGHT   Couture Necklace- Black Knight
DRR-C-B-33   Couture Necklace- Brown Jasper Swirl
DRR-C-B-29   Couture Necklace- Chocolate Brownie with Nuts
DRR-C-B-34   Couture Necklace- Cross My Heart
DRR-N-DIAMON   Couture Necklace- Diamonds
DRR-N-EMCY   Couture Necklace- Emerald City
DRR-C-27   Couture Necklace- Hearts Of Love
DRR-N-HCTBR   Couture Necklace- Here Comes the Bride
DRR-C-B-31   Couture Necklace- Jade Peace
DRR-C-40   Couture Necklace- Madelena
DRR-N-MATA   Couture Necklace- Mango Tango
DRR-C-25   Couture Necklace- Mi Amore
DRR-N-MOBA   Couture Necklace- Moonlite Bay
DRR-C-13   Couture Necklace- Pearls and Amethyst
DRR-C-PKBLOSS   Couture Necklace- Pink Blossoms
DRR-N-PKSA   Couture Necklace- Pink Satin
DRR-N-SRF   Couture Necklace- Starfish
DRR-N-SUMOR   Couture Necklace- Sunny Morning
DRR-C-B-SHELL   Couture Necklace- Swarovski Shell
DRR-C-26   Couture Necklace- Valentina
DRR-N-VAL   Couture Necklace- Valentina
DRR-N-VIOL   Couture Necklace- Violetta
DRR-C-10   Couture Necklace- Wisteria Vines
DRR-C-17   Couture Necklace-Caribbean Blue
YPF-OCEA-BK-C   Couture Ocean Bow Tie Collar-Black
YPF-OCEA-LA-C   Couture Ocean Bow Tie Collar-Lace
RL-RLV244   Couture Orange Sorbet Dog Harness Dress
YRL-PAIS-AR   Couture Paisley Armoire
JFB-ORPAISLEY-D   Couture Paisley Dress in Orange
DRR-PAPAG-DJ   Couture Parisian Party Girl Denim Jacket
DRR-DR-PAPALR   Couture Parisian Party Girl Lace Ruffle Dress
DRR-PAPAGSS-HV   Couture Parisian Party Girl Sugar Snap Harness Vest
JFB-COPPARTY-D   Couture Party Dress- Creamy Orange and Pink
JFB-PARTYOP-D   Couture Party Dress- Orange and Pink
JFB-PRINCESSPARTY-TD   Couture Party Princess Tutu Dress in Pink
JFB-ICECREAM-TD   Couture Party with Ice Cream Tutu Dress
YPF-SHBBYBL-C   Couture Pastel Chic Collar in Blue
YPF-SHBBYBL-L   Couture Pastel Chic Leash in Blue
JFB-PATROWL-D   Couture Patriotic Owl Dog Dress
JFB-PATRIOT-TD   Couture Patriotic Party Tutu Dress
JFB-PEACEFL-HV   Couture Peace Flower Harness Vest
JFB-PEACEPRD-TD   Couture Peace Pride Tutu Dog Dress
JFB-PEACE-TD   Couture Peace Tutu Dress with Many Band Colors
DRR-HD-PCHCR   Couture Peaches N??? Cr??me Harness Dress
JFB-PAISLEY-D   Couture Perfect Paisley Dress
JFB-PERKY-D   Couture Perky Dog Dress
JFB-PERPK-DR   Couture Perky Pink Dress
RL-RLV215   Couture Perle De L'Ocean Dog Harness Dress
JFB-PRETTYPK-D   Couture Pink and Pretty Dress
JFB-PKCHERRY-D   Couture Pink Cherry Dress
JFB-PKDSY-D   Couture Pink Daisy Dog Dress
YPF-PKPR-BLWH-FC   Couture Pink Flower Collar- Blue/White
YPF-PK-IVLC-FC   Couture Pink Flower Collar- Ivory Lace
YPF-PK-WH-FC   Couture Pink Flower Collar- White
E-LEN-FRBKPK   Couture Pink Hat with Black/Pink Feathers
YRL-PZE-HV   Couture Pink Ivory Zebra Faux Fur Harness Vest
YPF-VNTGPK-DR   Couture Pink Vintage Dress
RL-RLV225   Couture Pink Voltage Dog Harness Dress
JFB-DOTPKGR-HV   Couture Polka Dot Harness Vest in Lime/Pink
DRR-PMPFL-DJ   Couture Pretty Me Pink Flower Denim Jacket
DRR-DR-PRYMPK   Couture Pretty Me Pink Silk Chiffon Dress
DRR-PMPSS-HV   Couture Pretty Me Pink Sugar Snap Harness Vest
DRR-HD-PRIMRS   Couture Prime Rose Flower Harness Dress
DRR-PRPF-DJ   Couture Primrose Pink Flower Denim Jacket
DRR-PRMSS-HV   Couture Primrose Sugar Snap Harness Vest
CCEH-PKPRINCESS-B   Couture Princess in Pink Pet Bed
JFB-PEACPRN-D   Couture Princess Peacock Dress
PLLR-PRIFUC   Couture Priti Bed- Fuchsia
JFB-THANKS-D   Couture Pumpkin at Thanksgiving Dress
E-NCC-PRBLP-S   Couture Purple Blue Pom Dog Sweater
E-LEN-PRH-PFPF   Couture Purple Hat with Purple/Pink Feathers and Pink Flower
E-NCC-PRSMILE-S   Couture Purple Smile Dog Sweater
YRL-RACHBR-SET   Couture Rachael Bridal Set- Stole/Tutu- Many Colors
YRL-RACHEL-NL   Couture Rachel Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
RL-RLV236   Couture Raspberry Mousse Dog Harness Dress
YRL-RAVEN-NL   Couture Raven Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
DRR-THD-RAMEDA   Couture Razzle Me Dazzle Tutu Harness Dress
E-LEN-RDH-BKF-RDR   Couture Red Hat -Black Feather Red Rose
LADS-RWRR-FC   Couture Red Leather Rhinestone Flower Collar- Red/White-
DRR-RRROCH-HV   Couture Red Red Rose Chifon Harness Vest
DRR-RRROC-DJ   Couture Red Red Rose Denim Corset Jacket
DRR-RRROSS-HV   Couture Red Red Rose Sugar Snap Harness Vest
DRR-DR-RDRSL   Couture Red Rose Corset Lace Dress
E-NCC-REDTUX-V   Couture Red Tuxedo Vest
JFB-RDWTRMLN-H   Couture Red Watermelons Harness
E-NCC-REDHEART-SW   Couture Red with Hearts Sweater
JFB-RWPAR-TD   Couture Red/White Party Tutu Dress
E-NCC-RETAST-TR-HD   Couture Retro Asterisk Harness Dress-Teal/Red
E-NCC-RET-LRDAI-DP-HD   Couture Retro Larger Daisies Harness Dress- Dark Pink
E-NCC-RET-MDBL-HD   Couture Retro Mini Daisies Harness Dress- Blue
JFB-AQRD-D   Couture Retro Red/Aqua Dress

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