Piddle Place Dog Potty Grass Pad Set

Product Description
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If you’re looking for the best grass mats for dogs, you’re in luck. Piddle Place is more than you’re average pet potty turf patch box. We believe Piddle Place™ pet relief system is the #1 dog potty grass pad on the market today using artificial, non-stick turf.
Don’t be fooled by imitations!
Piddle Place™ potty turf box is the winner of major pet awards — including Dr. Marty Becker’s (“America’s Veterinarian” from Good Morning America) 2014 Best Products and 2013 “Editor’s Choice” by Pet Product News.
Piddle Place™ is cleaner and more earth friendly than a dog litter box. It’s the perfect, portable dog bathroom for:
Apartments and high-rises
Vacation rentals
RVs and campers
And more!
No more pet training accidents… no more carpet stains… no more unsanitary, unsightly and expensive puppy wee wee pads.
Whether you are potty training your dog or looking to avoid messes on your carpet or floor while you’re way, Piddle Place™ is the perfect solution.
Ideal for puppy’s, older dogs who can’t hold it in, and even cats!

Piddle Place™ is attractive, portable, compact, sanitary, eco-friendly, and less expensive and then those smelly puppy pee pads.Easy Train. Easy clean. Easy drain. No mess. No smell. Portable. Affordable. Piddle Place™ really is the ultimate indoor dog potty grass pad!
Puppy Pads are Poorly Designed but until now was the only solution for allowing dogs the comfort of relieving themselves as needed. These absorbent “paper towels” are often flimsy, expensive, and fill up the landfills. Pet owners told us they had to replace the pads a few times a day. They slide around the floor, or dogs chew them or pull them around. Worse, we noticed that when dogs step off the pads, their paws are full of urine, leaving a disgusting trail of pet waste in the home or on the owner. An unsightly scene in front of your dinner guest!
The Piddle Place™ dog toilet is designed to compliment the look of your home. Not meant to replace walking your pet, the Piddle Place™ provides a comfortable sanitary environment for your pet to relieve themselves while waiting for your return or when weather does not permit a trip outdoors.
Also perfect for house breaking, those that travel with their pets, or those who bring pets along on boats, RVs or the like. Piddle Place™ is also great for the Handicapped or elderly, who find walking a pet a challenge.

PRICE INCLUDES BASE AND LID, no enzymes. can add Enzymes and replacement turf for an additional amount.


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