Lady Candy Wins Halloween Photo Contest


Lady Candy and owner Emily Huyke.

Congratulations go out to Lady Candy, an Italian Greyhound living in San Juan, Puerto Rico for winning this year’s Posh Puppy Boutique Halloween Photo Contest.
Lady Candy (and owner Emily Huyke) was the top vote getter from 63 participants. Friends, family and others cast nearly 4,000 total votes on Facebook.
“The Puppy Boutique would like to thank all our participants for their entries and the joy of sharing their prized pooch photos with us!,” President Jennifer Kirk said. “We enjoyed receiving them and sharing them with all of our Posh fans. “Congratulations to our winner and we hope she has fun shopping with her $250.”

Lady Candy won in her Feline, Bambi’s girlfriend, costume.
Lady Candy in costume.

“I picked that costume because since she was a puppy family members would say she looked like a deer and I just thought it would be really funny to dress her as one,” Emily said. The costume was custom made for Candy.

Lady Candy is 2 years and 8 months old, joining Emily as a young pup after Emily had been "dog less" for five years.
On the verge of giving up her search for another Italian Greyhound, Emily found a just-placed online ad for a breeder with some pups.
The breeder’s wife came to their door carrying a puppy and, “it was love at first sight,” Emily explained. “As soon as I carried her she just rested on my shoulder and stayed there the entire visit. I knew from that moment that her name was going to be Candy, sweet Candy. I took her home and it has been a great blessing having her all this time and I hope she stays here many more years.”

Candy loves fetching, running very fast, playing with her human and doggie friends, going to doggie events, car rides and snuggling. She also likes to dress up. She is a local model in San Juan, dressing up for events such as fashion shows, photo shoots and contests.
“She gets excited every time I take out clothes because she knows we are going out,” Emily explained.

 Being an unusual size, most of Candy’s clothes come directly from designers such as Ivette Maldonado, who lives in San Juan. Other brands include Lovely Dog and Wooflink.
Now that Emily has her $250 Posh Puppy gift certificate, part of it will be spent on the Designer Charm Step-in Harnesses and a leopard and red dress by Wooflink.

Emily is now shopping at the Posh Puppy Boutique because of our variety in styles, prices and sizes.
“Anyone with a dog or cat can find clothes for their pet plus natural treats, gorgeous collars and leashes, toys and, interactive toys,” Emily said. “On top of that they offer clothing from the best top doggie designers which is amazing in that you can find them all in one website.
Perhaps your dog can be the Posh Puppy Boutique Photo Contest Winner. Check back frequently for details on our next contest. In the meantime, call us at 888-837-5230 with any questions, visit us online at the Posh Puppy Boutique or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Remember, the Posh Puppy Boutique also has a layaway plan.

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