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MLF-FEATHER   Couture Feather Hair Clips in Many Colors
E-LEN-FEATHERLTPK   Couture Feather Hat with Light Pink
E-LEN-FEATHERPKBK   Couture Feather Hat with Pink/White/Black
E-LEN-FEATHERWHBK   Couture Feather Hat with White/Black
YPF-FLAG-C   Couture Flags Collar
E-MD-PULLOVR-S   Couture Flirty Pullover Sweater
OCO-54   Couture Floral Blue Ocean Harness Vest
OCO-51   Couture Floral Countryside Dress
OCO-1344   Couture Floral Countryside Harness Vest
E-MD-FLORPAR-TUD   Couture Floral Party Tutu Harness Dress- Peacock
ABE-AQFL-HV   Couture Flower Harness Vest -Aqua Swirls
E-NCC-FLAQS-V   Couture Flower Harness Vest- Aqua
E-LEN-FLOWERRDBK   Couture Flower Hat with Red/Black
E-NCC-BELLAOR-DR   Couture Flowing Flower Gown in Orange
E-NCC-FLUTTERB-V   Couture Fluttering Butterfly Vest- Teal/Black
JFB-FOOTBALL-TD   Couture Football Tutu Dress- Customize Colors!
YRL-FRINGE-T   Couture Fringe Tutu in Three Colors
JFB-FROGFROLIC-D   Couture Frogs Frolicking Dress
OCO-69   Couture Fuchsia Peacock Dress
VCC-FBF-HD   Couture Fur Baby Furry Sweater Dress
VCC-FUTU-H   Couture Futuristic Royal Harness Dress
OCO-1320   Couture Garden Secret Harness Vest
LCB-GARDENPLT-DR   Couture Garden Tea Party Dress
OCO-1366   Couture Gardenia Harness Vest
ABE-TGIRL-H   Couture Girls are Tough Harness
ABE-GDAM-H   Couture Glamour Damask Harness- Hot Pink/ Black/White
ABE-GONYX-L   Couture Gold and Onyx Beaded Leash
YRL-GS-T   Couture Gold or Silver Tutu
YRL-GDSP-T   Couture Gold Sparkle Dot Tutu
E-NCC-GDPK-HV   Couture Gold/Pink Harness Vest
E-NCC-BELLAGLD-DR   Couture Golden Crystal Dress
ABE-GSNOW-HV   Couture Golden Snowflake Harness Vest
ABE-GSNOW-THV   Couture Golden Snowflake Harness Vest with Burgundy Tie
FFF-GRACE-H   Couture Grace Harness Vest
ABE-GRBKBEAD-L   Couture Green Swirled and Black Beaded Leash
E-NCC-GDWEB-D   Couture Halloween Golden Web Dress
JFB-HAPWHALES-D   Couture Happy Whales Dress
LCB-OSTRICH-HC   Couture Harness Coat with Faux Ostrich
ABE-NTTIE-HV   Couture Harness Vest with Tie-Navy/Teal
FFF-HLEO-H   Couture Heart Leopard Harness Vest
E-NCC-HMON-HV   Couture Heart Monkey Harness Vest
FFF-PKH-HD   Couture Hearts Harness Dress-Pink
FFF-PKH-H   Couture Hearts Harness Vest- Pink
E-NCC-HKITTY-D   Couture Hello Kitty in Pink Dress
ABE-HEMATITE-L   Couture Hematite Beaded Leash
YRL-HOL-T   Couture Holiday Tutu
E-MD-HOLLYAUT-S   Couture Holly Autumn Sweater
ABE-HOLLY-HV   Couture Holly Harness Vest
YRL-HPLACE-D   Couture Hot Pink Black Lace Dress
E-NCC-HOTPINKPARIS-DR   Couture Hot Pink Paris Dress
YRL-HTPKZEBRA-C   Couture Hot Pink Zebra Coat
YRL-PKZEBRAROSE-C   Couture Hot Pink Zebra/Champagne Rosettes Coat
RR-BLICE-HD   Couture Ice Blue Harness Dress
JFB-ICECREAM-HV   Couture Ice Cream Harness Vest
JFB-IRDOTTIE-TD   Couture Irish Dots Tutu Dress
JFB-IRPRNCSS-TD   Couture Irish Princess Tutu Dress
YRL-IMP-HD   Couture Its My Party Dress
E-TPD2-BDEyeltLcDrss-ixs   Couture Ivory Eyelet Lace Harness Dress
YPF-IVLACEBOW-C   Couture Ivory Lace Bow Tie Collar-Pink
YRL-VP-T   Couture Ivory Petal Tutu
FFF-JASMINE-H   Couture Jasmine Harness Vest
YRL-JG-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Dress
YRL-JERSEYHPF-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Hot Pink Fringe Dress
YRL-JPG-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Prom Dress
YRL-JGRS-HD   Couture Jersey Girl Rock Star Dress
YRL-JS-RC   Couture Jersey Shore Raincoat
OCO-1226   Couture Jet Setter Dress
ABE-CANDYOR-L   Couture Jeweled Candy Leash-Tangerine Orange
ABE-HO-L   Couture Jeweled Christmas Leash- Ho Ho
ABE-DELIGHT-L   Couture Jeweled Christmas Leash-Delightful Crystals
ABE-RDGR-L   Couture Jeweled Christmas Leash-Pearls/Red/Green
ABE-HTPKCRYSTAL-L   Couture Jeweled Leash-Hot Pink and Crystals
ABE-MILKTEAL-L   Couture Jeweled Leash-Teal and Milk Glass
ABE-TANGTQ-L   Couture Jeweled Leash-Turquoise/Tangerine/Tigers Eye
ABE-YLLADY-L   Couture Jeweled Leash-Yellow Ladybug
ABE-VICTCOLD-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Christmas Leash- Cold Outside
ABE-VICTFEST-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Christmas Leash- Festive Green/Red
ABE-VICTICEBL-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Christmas Leash- Ice Blue/Snowflakes
ABE-VICTMRGR-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Christmas Leash- Maroon/Powder Green
ABE-VICTPEARL-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Christmas Leash- Pearls and Crystals
ABE-VICTPKPEARL-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Christmas Leash- Pink Pearl/Crystals
ABE-VICTRDGR-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Christmas Leash- Red/Deep Green
ABE-VICTROSE-L   Couture Jeweled Victorian Leash- Rose and Crystals
YRL-JEZ-D   Couture Jezebel Dress
YRL-JOY-NL   Couture Joy Swarovski Necklace and Lead Collection
FFF-PAUL-HD   Couture JP Nautical Harness Dress
FFF-PAUL-HV   Couture JP Nautical Harness Vest
JFB-PKKANGA-D   Couture Kangaroo Dress in Pink
JFB-PKANGA-D   Couture Kangaroo Dress- Pink
NSH-BBLUE-H   Couture Knit Hat- Baby Blue
NSH-BFLOWER-H   Couture Knit Hat- Black Flower
NSH-CEOOWL-BP   Couture Knit Hat- Closed-eyes Orange Owl with Bright Pink
NSH-CEOOWL-P   Couture Knit Hat- Closed-eyes Orange Owl with Pale Pink
NSH-LITTLERED-H   Couture Knit Hat- Little Red Bonnett
NSH-MKIT   Couture Knit Hat- Ms Kitty
NSH-OEGOWL   Couture Knit Hat- Open-eyed Green Owl
NSH-GBONNETT-H   Couture Knit Hat- Pink Gingham Bonnett
NSH-PSOCKF   Couture Knit Hat- Pink Sock Monkey with Flower
NSH-SPROSIE-H   Couture Knit Hat- Spring Rosie
NSH-RBONNETT-H   Couture Knit Hat- Spring Rosie Bonnett
NSH-3SPFPKWHT   Couture Knit Hat- Three Flowers Crochet with Swarovski Crystals
NSH-2FLPOMPOM-H   Couture Knit Hat- Two Flower with Pom Pom
NSH-SM-is   Couture Knit Hat-Sock Monkey Red
YPF-LACEPK-DR   Couture Lace Dress in Pink
YPF-RDLACE-DR   Couture Lace Dress in Red and White
OCO-1337   Couture Lace N Denim Harness Vest
E-NCC-CLBDOGBOW-DB   Couture Lacey Blue Dog Bows
E-NCC-CLACEYBLUE-D   Couture Lacey Blue Dress
FOURBK-LB-D   Couture Lady Bug Dress- Red/Black
E-MD-LDYBUG-HD   Couture Lady Bug Harness Dress
JFB-ORLADY-D   Couture Ladybug Dress in Orange
DDB-LAHE-D   Couture Ladybugs and Hearts Dress- Pink or Red
E-NCC-LRFLOPK-D   Couture Large Flowers and Hearts Dress- Pink
E-NCC-LAVBRO-DR   Couture Lavender Brocade Feather Dress
E-NCC-BELLALAV-DR   Couture Lavender Crystal and Hearts Dress
E-NCC-LAVDOT-HV   Couture Lavender Dots Harness Vest
E-NCC-BELLALAVF-DR   Couture Lavender Feather Dress
ABE-LBUG-H   Couture Leafy Ladybug Harness
YRL-LEOPARD-C   Couture Leopard Fur with Glass Beads Coat
E-PPC-PKLEOPARD-HD   Couture Leopard Harness Dress in Pink
ABE-LEOPRDPK-L   Couture Leopard Leash in Pink- up to 8 Lbs
YRL-LEOPARDMET-C   Couture Leopard Metallic Coat
YRL-LEO-TUTU   Couture Leopard Tutu
YRL-LEOPK-C   Couture Leopard/Hot Pink Coat
JFB-LEXIPKLM-TD   Couture Lexi Tutu Dress in Pink/Lime
JFB-LEXIRDWH-TD   Couture Lexi Tutu Dress in Red/White
JFB-LEXIYLLM-TD   Couture Lexi Tutu Dress in Yellow/Lime
JFB-LEXIZEBRA-TD   Couture Lexi Tutu Dress in Zebra Pink/Black
JFB-PGLEXI-TD   Couture Lexi Tutu Dress-Pink/Green
FFF-PBC-H   Couture Light Blue Corset Harness Vest
YPF-LTGNFLWR-C   Couture Light Green Flower Collar
YPF-SFTPKFLWR-C   Couture Light Pink Flower Collar
YPF-LPKFLWR-C   Couture Light Pink Tri-Flower Collar
RR-SCHOOL-HD   Couture Lil' School Girl Harness Dress
YRL-LILACVELOUR-HV   Couture Lilac Velour Harness Vest
JFB-HOTLIPS-TD   Couture Lips Dress with Feathers
E-NCC-PIGGY-D   Couture Little Pigs Dress
E-NCC-LLLBU-HV   Couture Live Laugh Love Butterflies Harness Vest
OCO-1220   Couture Love and Roses Harness
FFF-BURN-H   Couture Love Burning Corset Harness Vest
E-NCC-LOVELET-DR   Couture Love Letters Dress
E-NCC-LOVEMON-DR   Couture Love Monkey Dress
ABE-LOVFLO-HV   Couture Love will Flourish Harness Vest
ABE-SPBEAR-TD   Couture Lucky Bear St Patties Day Tutu Dress
MFP-LUXGA-COL   Couture LUX Rhinestone Collar- Green Apple
ABE-BKDAM-B   Couture Luxury Black Damask with Pink Bed
KZL-MILEY-RB   Couture Luxury Miley Royal Bed- Choose Color of Lining/Cushion
KZL-MILLIE-RB-PKM   Couture Luxury Millie Royal Bed in Pink-Choose Color of Lining/Cushion
KZL-RB   Couture Luxury Royal Bed-Choose Color of Lining/Cushion
E-NCC-BELLAMARTNI-V   Couture Martini Glass Boa Vest
YRL-MEAGAN-HV   Couture Meagan Harness Vest
YRL-MIDNIGHTGOLD-C   Couture Midnight Gold Sparkler Coat
YRL-MIDNIGHT-C   Couture Midnight Sparkler Coat
E-LEN-MINIBLAQ   Couture Mini Blue Hat with Aqua Flower
E-LEN-MINIRB-V   Couture Mini Red Hat- Black dot Veil/Feather Flower
E-LEN-MINIHP-i   Couture Mini Sparkle Hot Pink Hat
E-LEN-MINIRD-i   Couture Mini Sparkle Red Hat
E-LEN-SPSV   Couture Mini Sparkle Silver Jewel Hat
YRL-MSTOLE-BKB   Couture Mink Faux Fur Stole- Black or White
YRL-MSTOLE-CRB   Couture Mink Faux Fur Stole- Black or White
ABE-MODFLO   Couture Modern Floral Dress- Hot Pink
YPF-HPMODERN-C   Couture Modern Flower Collar in Hot Pink
ABE-TQGIR-L   Couture Modern Giraffe Beaded Leash with Turquoise
ABE-TGLEO-L   Couture Modern Leopard Beaded Leash with Tangerine
GAJ-MOWO-BP-C   Couture Mohair Wool Coat with Hair Bow- Beige/Pink
FFF-CC-MON-HD   Couture Monster Harness Dress
FFF-MON-H   Couture Monsters Vest
ABE-MORNINGM-L   Couture Morning Meadow Leash
VCC-MLPD-HV   Couture My Little Pink Dress Harness Vest
OCO-1328   Couture Nautical Sailor Harness Vest
E-NCC-BELLANAVY-DR   Couture Navy Blue Rhinestone Dress
E-NCC-BLTUX-V   Couture Navy Blue Tuxedo Vest
YPF-NVFLWR-C   Couture Navy Flower Collar
E-NCC-NSAILRB-DR   Couture Navy Sailor Dress- Red Bow
DRR-C-SET3   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Blue Moon
DRR-C-SET12   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Caribbean Blue
DRR-C-SET9   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Classic Pearls
DRR-C-SET10   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Crystal Teardrops
DRR-C-SET1   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Hawaiian Sunset
DRR-C-SET13   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Lavender Crystal Pearl
DRR-C-SET4   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Lemon Chiffon
DRR-C-SET2   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set- Powder Blue
DRR-C-SETGUN   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Gun Metal Rose
DRR-C-SET7   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Peacock Pearls
DRR-C-SET8   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Purple Haze
DRR-C-SET5   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Rock ní Roll Blues
DRR-C-SET6   Couture Necklace Human/Pet Set-Wisteria Vines
DRR-C-B-36   Couture Necklace- All American
DRR-C-19   Couture Necklace- Azure
DRR-C-W-46   Couture Necklace- Baby Pink
DRR-C-20   Couture Necklace- Best Friend
DRR-C-B-BKKNIGHT   Couture Necklace- Black Knight
DRR-C-B-33   Couture Necklace- Brown Jasper Swirl
DRR-C-W-42   Couture Necklace- Champagne and Ice
DRR-C-B-30   Couture Necklace- Chocolate Brownie
DRR-C-B-29   Couture Necklace- Chocolate Brownie with Nuts
DRR-C-B-34   Couture Necklace- Cross My Heart
DRR-C-W-56   Couture Necklace- Fantasy
DRR-C-27   Couture Necklace- Hearts Of Love
DRR-C-B-31   Couture Necklace- Jade Peace

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