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BB-PANDORA   Couture Pandora Swarovski Step In Harnesses- Many Colors
ABE-PARSWE-D   Couture Paris Sweetie Dress
DRR-PAPAG-DJ   Couture Parisian Party Girl Denim Jacket
DRR-DR-PAPALR   Couture Parisian Party Girl Lace Ruffle Dress
DRR-PAPAGSS-HV   Couture Parisian Party Girl Sugar Snap Harness Vest
FFF-PAPI-HD   Couture Park Picnic Harness Dress
JFB-PRDOTPARTY-TD   Couture Party Dots Tutu Dress in Purple
E-PPC-PARTY-HD   Couture Party Harness Dress
JFB-SPRINGPRTYPK-TD   Couture Party in Springtime Tutu Dress in Pink
JFB-PRINCESSPARTY-TD   Couture Party Princess Tutu Dress in Pink
YPF-SHBBYBL-C   Couture Pastel Chic Collar in Blue
YPF-SHBBYBL-L   Couture Pastel Chic Leash in Blue
ABE-PABUTTER-L   Couture Pastels and Butterfly Beaded Leash
E-NCC-PATSTARS-D   Couture Patriotic Stars Dress
JFB-PATST-TD   Couture Patriotic Stars Tutu Dress
JFB-PAT-TD   Couture Patriotic Tutu Dress
DRR-HD-PCHCR   Couture Peaches N’ Crème Harness Dress
E-NCC-PEAT-D   Couture Peacock Dress- Three Colors
E-NCC-PRL-PR-SWDR   Couture Pearls Dog Sweater Dress- Purple
OCO-1372   Couture Penguin Shirt
RL-RLV215   Couture Perle De L'Ocean Dog Harness Dress
OCO-47   Couture Personalized Denim Studded Harness Vest
ABE-PETALR-L   Couture Petal of a Rose Beaded Leash
JFB-PRETTYPK-D   Couture Pink and Pretty Dress
E-MD-BALLERINA-TUD   Couture Pink Ballerina Tutu Harness Dress
ABE-PK-L   Couture Pink Beaded Leash
E-NCC-COPKSWEAT-S   Couture Pink Dog Sweater
KGOS-592PK-PK   Couture Pink Dress- Stripes
NMNDFB-PKF-TP   Couture Pink Fairies Tutu Pajamas
YPF-PKPR-BLWH-FC   Couture Pink Flower Collar- Blue/White
YPF-PK-IVLC-FC   Couture Pink Flower Collar- Ivory Lace
YPF-PK-WH-FC   Couture Pink Flower Collar- White
FFF-PKFLWR-H   Couture Pink Flower Harness Vest
JFB-PKWAT-TD   Couture Pink Fun Watermelon Tutu Dress
E-LEN-FRBKPK   Couture Pink Hat with Black/Pink Feathers
YRL-PZE-HV   Couture Pink Ivory Zebra Faux Fur Harness Vest
KGOS-08PK-RS   Couture Pink Pajamas
E-NCC-PKPAR-DR   Couture Pink Party Dress- Black
FFF-PRPK-H   Couture Pink Pretty Harness Vest
NMNDFB-PTO-TP   Couture Pink Toile Pajamas
YPF-VNTGPK-DR   Couture Pink Vintage Dress
RL-RLV225   Couture Pink Voltage Dog Harness Dress
E-NCC-PLOVE-D   Couture Pink with Love Dress
ABE-ABPL-HV   Couture Plaid Harness Vest- Aqua/Brown
FFF-TQPLAID-H   Couture Plaid Harness Vest- Turquoise
FFF-YPLAID-H   Couture Plaid Harness Vest- Yellow
ABE-PHP-HV   Couture Pocket Hankie Harness Vest- Plaid
E-NCC-CPDDOGBOW-DB   Couture Polka Dot Dog Bows
ABE-PDLS-HV   Couture Polka Dot Harness Vest -Lace and Satin
ABE-PREPK-L   Couture Precious Pink Beaded Leash
DRR-PMPFL-DJ   Couture Pretty Me Pink Flower Denim Jacket
DRR-DR-PRYMPK   Couture Pretty Me Pink Silk Chiffon Dress
DRR-PMPSS-HV   Couture Pretty Me Pink Sugar Snap Harness Vest
DRR-HD-PRIMRS   Couture Prime Rose Flower Harness Dress
DRR-PRPF-DJ   Couture Primrose Pink Flower Denim Jacket
DRR-PRMSS-HV   Couture Primrose Sugar Snap Harness Vest
OCO-1345   Couture Princess Goldeneye Gown
RR-EAPR-HD   Couture Princess Harness Dress
CCEH-PKPRINCESS-B   Couture Princess in Pink Pet Bed
PLLR-PRIFUC   Couture Priti Bed- Fuchsia
E-MD-PULLGRRD-S   Couture Pullover Grey and Red Sweater
E-NCC-BOPUMP-SW   Couture Pumpkin Dog Sweaters- Black/Orange
E-MD-CROCHETPR-S   Couture Purple Crochet Flowers Sweater
OCO-1205   Couture Purple Harness- Limited Edition
E-LEN-PRH-PFPF   Couture Purple Hat with Purple/Pink Feathers and Pink Flower
E-NCC-PRDOT-TUDR   Couture Purple Polka Dot Tutu Dress
E-NCC-BELLAPFROSE-DR   Couture Purple Rose N Feathers Dress
ABE-PGROY-L   Couture Purple Royalty Beaded Leash
YRL-RACHBR-SET   Couture Rachael Bridal Set- Stole/Tutu- Many Colors
RL-RLV236   Couture Raspberry Mousse Dog Harness Dress
DRR-THD-RAMEDA   Couture Razzle Me Dazzle Tutu Harness Dress
TP5-RED   Couture Red Harness Dress
E-LEN-RDH-BKF-RDR   Couture Red Hat -Black Feather Red Rose
LADS-RWRR-FC   Couture Red Leather Rhinestone Flower Collar- Red/White-
E-LEN-RDLEOPARD   Couture Red Leopard Hat
ABE-BEANAU-D   Couture Red Nautical Dress
DRR-RRROCH-HV   Couture Red Red Rose Chifon Harness Vest
DRR-RRROC-DJ   Couture Red Red Rose Denim Corset Jacket
DRR-RRROSS-HV   Couture Red Red Rose Sugar Snap Harness Vest
DRR-DR-RDRSL   Couture Red Rose Corset Lace Dress
E-NCC-RSAILBB-DR   Couture Red Sailor Dress- Blue Bow
OCO-1359   Couture Red Silk Garden Dress
FFF-RSS-H   Couture Red Sugar Skull Harness Vest
E-NCC-REDTUX-V   Couture Red Tuxedo Vest
OCO-1362   Couture Regal Royal Blue Hearts Harness Vest
E-NCC-RETAST-TR-HD   Couture Retro Asterisk Harness Dress-Teal/Red
ABE-DDAISY-i   Couture Retro Dot Dress- Daisy
ABE-RDDOT-D   Couture Retro Dot Dress- Red
E-NCC-RET-LRDAI-DP-HD   Couture Retro Larger Daisies Harness Dress- Dark Pink
E-NCC-RET-MDBL-HD   Couture Retro Mini Daisies Harness Dress- Blue
PLLR-REVGD   Couture Revati Bed- Gold
OCO-TANCHI-HV   Couture Rhinestone Chihuahua Harness Vest- Tan
OCO-WHCHI-HV   Couture Rhinestone Chihuahua Harness Vest- White
YPF-RHDAI-FWC-PK   Couture Rhinestone Daisy Flower Wedding Collar- Pink
OCO-1376   Couture Rhinestone Lightening Kitty Dog Shirt
E-NCC-ELLA-HD   Couture Rhinestone Princess Harness Dress- Ella
YPF-CHAM-IVLC-RHFC   Couture Rhinestones and Champagne Flower Collar-Ivory Lace
YPF-LOR-IVLC-RHFC   Couture Rhinestones and Light Orange Flower Collar-Ivory Lace
E-NCC-SATIN-D-CRPL   Couture Rhinestones and Satin Dress- Cream/Plum
E-NCC-SATIN-D-NPK   Couture Rhinestones and Satin Dress- Navy/Pink
YPF-WH-IVLC-RHFC   Couture Rhinestones and White Flower Collar-Ivory Lace
YPF-GN-IVLC-RBFC   Couture Ribbon and Green Flower Collar-Ivory Lace
YPF-PK-IVLC-RBFC   Couture Ribbon and Pink Flower Collar-Ivory Lace
LADS-IBURW-C   Couture Ring Bearers Pillow Collar- Ivory/Burgundy
FFF-PRG-HV   Couture Rocker Punk Girl Harness Vest
VCC-SUROGA-HV   Couture Rose Garden Dog Harness Vest
OCO-1312   Couture Rose in Paris Harness Vest
YPF-RSP-BKG-FC   Couture Rose Pink Flower Collar- Black Giraffe
E-NCC-BRROSE-DR   Couture Roses and Rhinestone Dress- Black and Red
E-NCC-ROSET-D   Couture Roses Dress- Tan
FFF-BLROSE-H   Couture Roses in Blue Harness Vest
YRL-STOLE-PK   Couture Rosette Stole- Pink
RL-RLV241   Couture Royal Gem Dog Harness Vest
VCC-ROYAL-H   Couture Royal Harness Vest
E-NCC-FLBU-RSWDR   Couture Ruffle Sweater Dress- Butterflies and Flowers
E-NCC-PRST-RSWDR   Couture Ruffle Sweater Dress- Purple with Stripes
E-NCC-WHPK-RSWDR   Couture Ruffle Sweater Dress- White/Pink Stripes
ABE-SAIL-HA   Couture Sailor Dog Hat
FOURBK-SAILOR-D-irs   Couture Sailor Dress- Red or Blue
E-NCC-SAILNAVY-V   Couture Sailor Vest- Navy
ABE-SAH-HV   Couture Santa's Helper Harness Vest
E-NCC-SATIN-D-LVFWR   Couture Satin Dress- Lavender Flowers
E-NCC-SATIN-D-NGN   Couture Satin Dress- Neon Green
E-NCC-SATIN-D-NOR   Couture Satin Dress- Neon Orange
E-NCC-SPB-DR   Couture Satin Hot Pink and Black Dress
E-MD-BLSEQ-TUD   Couture Sequins Tutu Harness Dress- Bright Blue
RL-RLV210   Couture Serenatta Dog Harness Dress
YPF-SHCHC-PWL   Couture Shabby Chic Collar- Pink/White Lace
YPF-SHCHC-SBLWL   Couture Shabby Chic Collar- Soft Blue /White Lace
KD-BLSHERPA   Couture Sherpa Lined Coat in Blue
KD-PKSHERPA   Couture Sherpa Lined Coat in Pink
KD-TANSHERPA   Couture Sherpa Lined Coat in Tan
YPF-SLKPKBL-DR   Couture Silk Dress in Blue and Hot Pink Print
YPF-SLKPKRD-DR   Couture Silk Dress in Pink and Red Print
FOURBK-SILK-DR-SVP   Couture Silk Dress- Silver Pink
YRL-SVBK-HD   Couture Silver and Black Dress
E-NCC-CSROSETTE-DB   Couture Silver Rosette Bow
E-NCC-SROSETTE-D   Couture Silver Rosette Dress
E-NCC-SILVERSHIM-S   Couture Silver Shimmer Vest
E-NCC-SVPK-HV   Couture Silver/Pink Harness Vest
LCB-FEATHSNOWWED-D   Couture Snowball Feather Wedding Dress
ABE-BRSNOW-HV   Couture Snowflake Harness Vest- Brown
ABE-BSNOW-HV   Couture Snowflake Harness Vest- Burgundy
E-NCC-SNOWM-SW   Couture Snowman Dog Sweaters
ABE-SFTBREEZE-L   Couture Soft Breeze Leash
E-MD-GRBUTTON-SH   Couture Soft Green with Buttons Shrug Sweater
YPF-SPWFL-WC   Couture Soft Pink and White Flowers Wedding Collar
YPF-PKWFWR-WC   Couture Soft Pink and White Lace Wedding Collar
YPF-STPK-FLC   Couture Soft Pink Flower Leather Collar- White
RL-RLD51   Couture Spanish Gypsy Tutu Dress
E-NCC-BKMAG-D   Couture Sparkle Dress-Black/Magenta
E-NCC-SPID-SW   Couture Spider Dog Sweaters
E-NCC-WEBBLOR-D   Couture Spider Web Dress in Black and Orange
JFB-SUMS-TD   Couture Splashin' Summer Tutu Dress
PLLR-STTB   Couture Spoiled to the Bone Bed
JFB-BWBIRDIE-D   Couture Spring Birdie Dress-Black/White
KD-ORDOT   Couture Spring Dog Coat Orange Polka Dot
KD-WAWAVE   Couture Spring Dog Coat Watermelon Wave
KD-MGRAY   Couture Spring Dog Coat Masculin Gray
JFB-SPHELLO-D   Couture Spring Hello Dress
JFB-PARISSPRNG-HV   Couture Spring Paris Harness Vest
JFB-DOTLMPK-D   Couture Spring Polka Dots Dress in Lime/Pink
OCO-1411   Couture Springtime Flower Elegance Harness Vest
ABE-SPRFLO-D   Couture Springtime Flowers Dress
JFB-SPECIAL-D   Couture Springtime Special Dress
ABE-STPATD-HV   Couture St. Patrick's Day Harness Vest
E-NCC-STARMINT-D   Couture Stars in Mint Dress
JFB-SSBERRY-D   Couture Strawberries Dress
E-NCC-STRAWGING-S   Couture Strawberry Gingham Dress
E-NCC-STRAWGING-R   Couture Strawberry Gingham Dress in Red
E-NCC-PATCHPINK-D   Couture Strawberry Patch in Pink Dress
E-NCC-STRAWPTCH-V   Couture Strawberry Patch Vest
E-MD-STRGB-S   Couture Striped Red/Gray Sweater with Buttons
E-NCC-STR-HPN-SWDR   Couture Stripes Dog Sweater Dress- Hot Pink/Navy
E-NCC-STR-NVCR-SW   Couture Stripes Dog Sweaters- Navy/Cream
E-NCC-STR-RDGD-SW   Couture Stripes Dog Sweaters- Red/Gold
FFF-STNS-HV   Couture Stripes N Stars Harness Vest
RL-RLV238   Couture Sugar Plum Fairy Dog Harness Dress
FFF-SSRD-HD   Couture Sugar Skull Harness Dress-Red
VCC-SSHINE-DR   Couture Sunshine Dress
JFB-SUPWAT-TD   Couture Surprise Watermelon Tutu Dress
E-NCC-SWCRY-SW-PR   Couture Swarovski Crystal Beads Dog Sweaters- Purple with Flower
E-NCC-SWCRY-SW-GR   Couture Swarovski Crystal Beads Dog Sweaters-Gray
LCB-RDSWAROVFTHR-DR   Couture Swarovski Crystal Feather Dress
OCO-SWAR-PRZE   Couture Swarovski Crystal Walking Step-In Harness-Purple/Black Zebra
DRR-N-SWRG   Couture Swarovski Necklace- Rock Glam
DRR-N-ROHG   Couture Swarovski Necklace- Royal Highness
E-MD-PKWHPOMPOM-S   Couture Sweater in White and Pink
VCC-SHEART-SW   Couture Sweet Heart Sweater
E-NCC-SYMPHONYBW-D   Couture Symphony Dress in Black and White
OCO-68   Couture Tafetta Glamour Dress- Key Lime
RL-RLV227   Couture Tangerine Dream Dog Harness Dress
FOURBK-TEA-D   Couture Tea Time Dress
E-NCC-TEALBLOSS-S   Couture Teal Blossoms Dress
TP5-TEALVEST   Couture Teal Harness Vest
ABE-TBEARP-HV   Couture Teddy Bear Harness Vest- Pink
OCO-1452   Couture Teddy Bear Sweetheart Tank Top- Pink
YPF-CHA-IVLC-3FC   Couture Three Flower Collar-Champagne and Ivory Lace
YPF-LOR-IVLC-3FC   Couture Three Flower Collar-Light Orange and Ivory Lace
E-NCC-TIGERPKBK-DR   Couture Tiger Hot Pink and Black Boa Dress

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